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What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned?

May be my hardest lesson is confiding in individuals.

They thought me such a significant number of things like

1. Everybody thinks more about them than others

2. At times individuals will hurt you since you are as a rule decent and liberal to them

3. Say reality even it harms them . Like that you can construct yourself. (I'm burnt out on tuning in to sugar covered lies as opposed to that I'll lean toward the unpleasant truth)

4. Sexual orientation disparity

5. A few people won't value anything you improved the situation them. Better keep up some separation with them .

6. Senior citizens are dependably wrong. A few times they do botches. It's your obligation to disclose to them what's the issue with their choice. Since it's your life . You would prefer not to lament for rest of your life

7. People are in every case great . In any case, circumstance will make them malicious. (Doing terrible resembles an out of control fire).

8. Continuously have confidence in karma

9. Keep up your body ( it's where you live)

10. Last however not the minimum. You got just a single life. Despite the fact that everybody says that it's a wrong activity . Do it . However, in the process you should take care that you won't hurt anybody…


There are many lessons that I've learned in life. As our life is full of experiences and we learn as we grow. I'm a strong believer of learning from your and other experiences ass experiences teach you in a fashion that and you get better at things. 

The hardest lesson that I've learned in my life is the - 

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"Get Started to Complete"  There is a small story around this lesson which I did like share with you. Normally when we have a task in hand or there is something you did like to explore and do not get started with it then it gets delayed quite often. 

This use to happen to me and I normally use to push to some other day that I will start with the tasks. Believe me that some other day used to get pushed on to another day and that day never use to come. 

On the contrary, when you just decide on doing something and get started on it quickly you will notice that you are able to finish that tasks or the work. 

Hence, for me, the hardest lesson learned was to - 

"Get Started to Complete" and this has been helping me ever since I have started following this principle and also have made me solve complex problems much faster instead of them being left out. So as to conclude - come what may or whatever be the case - I've made it a point to get started with the work in hand and rest assured it will be completed in time no matter how hard the tasks are in hand.


That the world doesn't revolve around me, and I am responsible for my own actions and choices. 

For the longest time I blamed others for the circumstances of my life, and used it as an excuse to treat my body and mind poorly. 

I had a tough realization a few years ago, that I must take responsibility for my actions, and I cannot blame my misfortunes on others. That was a major life lesson for me.


For me I've learnt so many I hope you don't mind me sharing at least two? Sometimes trying to be smart itself is foolishness one can never really predict the outcome of the future by making decisions and taking actions that counter measures the calamity that may be looming in the future. I've learnt in life that sometimes it pays to do nothing when you're faced with situation that has only two decisions because no matter the decision you make you're bound for doom taking decisions will only bring regrets, sometimes it just pays to do nothing.

Secondly I've learnt that trying to change the outcome of the future will only result in complicating it furthermore it or only making it worse, I've had experience where I've had to think there is a blight about an event that may not seem very palatable and in my bid to make it better, I've ended up complicating situations that made the outcome more worse for me, one cannot outrun their shadows, not now not never.


Great question.  I think that the actual changing of the will of the person is much more difficult than anyone can imagine, and without the full will and consent of someone you have virtually nothing as far as a commitment goes.  That is why they salespeople are slick talkers.  No the best are truthful, honest, and can gather a consensus of wills in a form of a contract among two or more parties to pursue their self interests in the way of compromise and goodwill towards executing the agreement.


No good deed goes unpunished. It seems like every time I help someone the universe repays me 10 fold with bad luck.