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What’s the funniest TV show you’ve ever seen?

Total Blackout.

The premise of the show was that they took people (usually individuals, but they had episodes for couples, family, ect) and put them in a room that was pitch dark. They had security guys with night vision goggles and the cameras could shoot in night vision, and the contestants were put through a series of tests.

Said tests could range from having to identify things they touched such as teddy bears and puffy hats to identifying smells or things they had to eat. Sounds easy but when you literally can't see the mind tends to play tricks, like one guy who mistook a coarse bristle hair brush for something alive and freaked out.

At the end of each round the contestants would jump onto trap doors and one would open up to swallow up the person who did the worst, or one of the people chosen at random in the event of a tie. Then it would come down to just two people and the tests would get even harder like having to crawl through a Plexiglas maze full of fake spider webbing and being told there were real spiders inside to mess with their heads (no real spiders were ever used, but giant fake ones were hiding in the corners!).

I only find this funny because I know the show was produced with the consent of those involved. They put themselves in the situation, no one forced them, so for me watching them freak out over nothing and getting all kinds of anxiety about things they know rationally can't hurt them but they're scared of anyway is absolutely hilarious and I don't feel bad about it.

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That would have to be How I Met Your Mother. It's an old TV show about a guy who is telling his kids about how he met their mom. (As the name implies) but he starts years before he even met her and spends 8 seasons telling them about all his failed relationships. Then there's his friend Barney. Barney Stinson. Barney is the sluttiest man you will ever find. He only wears suits and sleeps in a bathtub so his suit doesn't get creased. He authored the book, the playbook(actually available for download) which is a guide to getting girls to sleep with you. The plays are so stupid but they always work for him. There's one called the terminator. It says that all you need is a party, some dry ice and a dumb target. At the height of the party, strip naked, squat and open the dry ice so it releases a most, then stand up and say to her "I'm sent from the future to protect you" afterwards proceed to sleep with her😂😂😂

Beside being a complete asshole, he's also Ted's wingman.

Then there's Marshall and Lilly who have been dating since college and eventually got married. They are the only ones that actually want ted to find love. Barney wants him to party all day and wear nothing but suits.

Despite the hilariousness of the show, it has life lessons and I'd watch it again any day any time


This has to be LUCIFER, Tom Ellis was the star actor/main actor/eponymous character and I'll say no actor would've done better than him, the creators did well by selecting the most funniest character in the world coupled even more funny characters D.B Woodside (Armanadiel) like Scarlet Estevez (Trixie) who is only about six years old and they conveyed a very religious story of Satan/lucifer coming to Los Angeles abandoning hell in order to open up a night club and live amongst humans.

The storyline alone seems controversial Lucifer had to become a police officer catching criminals and and bad guys by using his devil face to scare criminals and get information from them.

The most comical part was womanising aspect of Lucifer's life, sleeping with both men and women, both criminals and and the one not infact they counted his sexual partners and they were so much that it couldn't even contain the list of books in the precinct where he works as a police officer, he had a pet demon and a pet angel Amanadiel who was also his brother.

He was a master at bribery even when he is a police and other silly things he does. He has this silly British accent and a very funny face Whig makes people crack up with laughter before he even says a word.

I love the fact that (they creators) didn't allow the religious complications of the story line deter them from making a very comical show and from the first season to the third makes you even want to see more. So for me LUCIFER is the most funny TV show I've ever seen


Only Fools and Horses

A tv show that ran in the UK for 12 seasons.

The main characters were Del Boy (older brother), Rodney (younger brother) and the grand dad.

They were market traders who would do anything for money and always got caught up in some dodgy deal that was hilarious. Based and shot in Peckham .South London it captured the area and it's people perfectly.

It became the hottest TV show of it's time in the UK and made the actors house hold names. Some of the scenes were legendary and clips are still shown today.


I am really a very big fan of Tv show and anime. They are the best thing that allows me to pass my free time.

While over the psat few years I have seen many Tv Show and many are in favorite list.

While it is really hard to choose the best but as of this one It will always be on top of my list.

The name of the TV show is FRIENDS

source (http://www.tododvdfull.com/friends-season-05/)

The TV show is one of the best that there is anybody who have watched it have become a real fan of it, at some point of the season

It was aired on Sep 22 1994 and it ran upto May 6 2004.

It was basically about the life of 6 friends (age 20 -30) living in Manhattan and how their life moved forward with each other and how they began to explore the life in their own way and the strange events that takes place over each episode it will make you laugh like crazy. It was one of the top most watched TV series in American TV show history around that period.

It has Ten seasons and in every season you will find the chill and laugh that you are looking for.

The Six characters that made up the show are 

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green 

CourteneyCox as Monica Geller

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay

Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing

David Schwimmer as Ross Geller

I do like the ladies and the comic of Bing very much 

I am sure anybody who likes funny TV show they will surely like Friends.