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What’s the number one item you would save from your burning house?
my pc

I wouldn't save anything from my house as there is nothing in life that can't be replaced, as long as my family are out I would be happy to know they are safe.

If I was made to choose something and had to, i would make sure I had my laptop as this has all my steemit work and I think I would miss coming on here and answering these questions.

what would you save from your burning house?


Outside Human Life , It Should Be My BIBLE!!

What Is BIBLE?? It is a Deed of Covenants In Print , Either In Hard Copy or Whatever Form, Between a Supreme , Omnicompetent Power Source and His Created (Humus Man)

It Has To Be The Bible Because , its Value Is More Equal To Life; much More Valuable Than a Doctorate From Harvard University.

With The Bible Beside Me, Every Other Possession Lost in the RAVENING Inferno Shall Be Recreated, drawing from both Spiritual and Intelletual Prowess, the Bible Exudes.