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If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

If I was given the opportunity to make one rule with the assurance that everybody in this world would be under compulsion to obey, the rule would be LOVE EVERYONE AS MUCH AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

I chose this rule because as at today, the whole world is in chaos and love doesn't exist at all. There is hatred everywhere, hatred for different races, hatred for different religion, hatred for people with different ideologies etc the list is endless. But I'd everyone is compelled to obey this simple rule, then we would have successfully solved the issue of war and hatred and brought permanent peace to the world.

This is so because the absence of love, gives way for hatred and hatred leads to anger, anger to chaos, chaos to war and disaster and the presence of love on the other hand brings about an all round peace all over the world.

In a nutshell, the greatest rule that I can think of that would directly impact the world in the positive way of everyone is compelled to obey is LOVE EVERYONE AS MUCH AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.


Interesting question! 

What I'd love to do for everyone that when this happens to be a rule is from a famous Chinese philosopher Confucius which he says :

"Do unto others what do you want others do unto you" 

or could be

"Do not do unto others what do you want other do not do unto you".

A famous line that could make us realize that doing good makes a better place for all.  


That one rule would giving away 10% of your income to the society. The needy ones who are unfortunate and living in misery. I think if everyone contributes to the cause of helping the society and the people who are less unfortunate will make this world far much better. We would see a drastic change is peoples attitude towards others and I also feel that  peace and happiness would also be spread all over.  So, if I were to make one rule that everyone had to follow would be contributing 10% of your total income towards helping the needy ones in some form or the other. 


quit smoking. that's all

very simple but very large benefits for smokers and victims of smokers