If all jobs had the same pay and hours, what job would you like to have?


Great question! He had never asked me that ... 

 If I could work on what I wanted, it would undoubtedly be my own boss ... I would like to have a business of my own that I could expand in several states of the country and likewise internationally.  

I am one of those people who wants to be their own boss, I want to get up at the time I want, I want the income of the business is mine alone to be able to invest and make profits, I want to control everything that happens with my company, and many other things. 

 I really like the world of business so that would be the perfect job for me ...

 Another job that I could have without being a business owner or company, I would like to work as a decorator for parties, since I like to decorate, decorate  cloth, make creations with balloons, organize tables, chairs, direct everything as it will go , I really love it.  

And another third possible job, I would like to make arrangements and sell them having a very good pay, arrangements with candy, balloons and stuffed animals, I'm really good at that.  

So if all the jobs had the same pay, I would look for a quieter job like the ones where I can express my creativity and express myself getting a very good pay ...  



Community organizer fighting the socialist dystopia where all jobs pay equally because it disincentivizes the talented and more educated from using their talents to their full potential.


Assuming you still have to do all the training to get the job? I would probably stay in my IT area but if I could just do anything I wanted I would probably be a farmer to enjoy some peace far away from the city or a pilot to travel around the world and have fun with the flight attendants :^)


Wal-Mart Greeter. Pretty sure I could get my line down fast.

Sit on my ass, make the money of a CEO


The most stress-free job going like a post man or librarian. If we all get paid the same then what's the point ?


A musing advice specialist.


If I find myself in a community where all jobs has the same pay and hours, I'd be a librarian.

This is because I love reading, the job is stress less and I can always pick a book to read in the library whenever I feel bored


Mattress test sleeper.