If you wanted to slowly drive a roommate insane using only notes, what kind of notes would you leave around the house?
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What you are basically asking is how to "gaslight" someone (wikipedia article on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaslighting) and the way I would do it is make the roommate question their own memory. Therefore, leaving reminder notes of things the roommate would easily remember should work. Ideally you should do an excellent job at forging your roommate's handwriting for the reminder notes. Failing that either typewritten notes or use a writing style neither you or your roommate use so you can also add the possibility of split personality along with forgetfulness to the gaslighting scheme.

Example reminder notes would be to eat meals, reminder notes for what the roommate's favorite TV show is and also an occasional commonsense reminder note such as water is wet.

Leave the notes scattered around but never mention them unless your roommate asks about them. Just act like having those notes scattered around is an everyday thing that you don't pay attention to because it's perfectly normal. When your roommate asks about the notes then just say something like, "How should I know. They're your notes.".

Coded notes in a strange hieroglyphic or cuniform or simple geometric shapes format that would bear no resemblance to any language. I would walk around every day pick up a note here and there and mutter things like

Yep gotta remember to do that

Oh yeah, that makes sense

DOH I'm late and dash out the door

I would "forget" to tell the roommate when someone called or when he had an appointment and would simply tell him things like

Well I left you a note, didn't you see it?

Couldn't you read my handwriting?

Anyone who came over to visit I would ensure they would also look at the notes and make comments about how obvious they were or what a great reminder or whatever.

My roommate would be the only person unable to understand the notes.

Slowly I would begin to replace other things with the same type of "language"

The calendar would be changed over, labels on food, books, etc would all be changed into this new language (yes it would cost a fortune but hey if you're going to do it, do it right) and such until there was nothing left in the native language.

Yep, pretty sure that would do it

Just put post it’s everywhere such as “sit on me” on the chairs . “Watch me “ on the TV. “Toast me “ on the toaster and so on. Soon the house will be covered with helpful hintsand ur roommate will be very annoyed

That's simple. I would leave notes that say "Thank you", but not say what it's for. Your roommate might think that's sweet or nice of you for a few days, but that could slowly get weird and creepy after a while, maybe enough to trigger your roommate's paranoia? 

However, now that I've had time to think about it, why would you want to know that? Lol!

You're gonna be the last laugh, because you're the last person to understand. Writing strange demonic humorous words.