What songs hit you with a wave of nostalgia every time you hear them?

Most of the songs that I listen to either comes directly from or is inspired by video games, and this is especially true of my nostalgic, "feel good" playlist.  Here are a few of my all-time standouts:

Twin Memories [original version from Konami's "Pop n' Twinbee" (1993), and remixed version by the Konami Kukeiha Club feat. Mariko Kouda (1996)]: in the original video game on the Super Nintendo, this peaceful-sounding song was the theme music for the first stage.  I always thought that it fit well with the leisurely pace that the player could afford to take at the start of the game, when the action on the screen wasn't yet getting frantic.  The remixed version changed up the song's tempo, used a light rock track, and added lyrics (mostly in Japanese) to the song; even though it sounded quite different from the original, the basic melody and the peaceful feel of the song remained.  As such, the remixed version is as equally good as the original, and I actually listen to the remix more frequently.

SKILL (JAM Project, 2003):  The signature song of this Japanese band, every time I hear this song I am reminded of the passion in the singers' voices, and it feels almost like a musical pep talk intended to inspire me (or anyone else listening to the song) to do something towards accomplishing a goal, and to do so with a sense of purpose.

Ron Paul (Jason Paige, 2012): Ok, so this is a parody of the original theme song to the Pokemon TV series in America.  I don't care for Pokemon at all, but when the original singer changed the lyrics to replace all occurrences of the word "Pokemon" with either "Ron Paul" or some form of the word "delegate", the song took on an entirely different meaning.  To me, this was the theme song of hope in the 2012 election cycle, the hope that maybe it would be the year when serious change for the better might start to come in America.  Of course, the whole world knows how it all ended that year, and "serious change" would end up coming 4 years later in the form of Donald Trump.  But every time I hear this song, I still get a good feeling inside and a hope that maybe something drastic will happen that will make the world a better place.


Bollywood songs. I grew up hearing songs by singes like Hemant Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, Kishor kumar, Late ji and many others. 

Music is also my stress reliever. It helps me from succumbing to all the nonsense I face in my life.

I also love listening to English songs, instrumentals and orchestra performances. 

Melodies are what strikes a chord inside me.