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How did you come across cryptocurrency? What was your tipping point to decide to go into crypto space? What was your point (crypto) of entry?
How did you come across cryptocurrency? What was your tipping point to decide to go into crypto space? What was your point (crypto) of entry? Please share your story.

Great question!

My crypto journey started with a game:

How did a game get me to crypto?

I'm not a huge gamer, but I do like one game: Sid Meier's Civilization series.  When Civ 6 was released, I was excited to try the new game, but found my computer wasn't powerful enough to run the game.   Since it was time for a laptop upgrade anyway, I went ahead and ordered a new machine with a strong enough GPU to allow me to play Civ 6. 

By the time the computer arrived, I had started hearing about bitcoin and bitcoin mining.  I wasn't about to buy something I didn't understand, but I thought my GPU might be powerful enough to try to mine bitcoin.

I was wrong. After researching and then downloading Nice Hash, I soon realized the heat produced from bitcoin mining would fry the computer before I made one dollar's worth of bitcoin.

At this point I understood that I would need something a lot more powerful than my laptop to make any process mining. I researched application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and discovered that Bitmain made the best mining machines.  Only one problem: they were out of stock on all legitimate websites for months.

As I had been researching, I also was learning more generally about the crypto space, including altcoins.  The more I learned the more comfortable I was entering the space.  I finally took the step to open a Coinbase account.  

After my account was up and running I made a small deposit from my bank, bought some bitcoin, immediate transferred it all to Bittrex, then made my first crypto: Golem (GNT).

Golem lead to a few other cryptocurrencies and eventually to the Steemit platform at the beginning of 2018.  The rest, as they say, is history!


The first time I truly started paying attention to crypto was during Bitcoin’s second bull-run in 2013. Being a tech person and then avid reader of TechCrunch and TechMeme I had already read the odd article about cryptocurrency but it wasn’t until a friend, a startup founder, asked where I thought the run would stop and whether it was worth investing in that I started paying attention.

Bitcoin had merely recovered from the nosedive after its earlier bull-run in Spring 2013 and now somebody was asking if I thought that while still just north of $200 BTC would go up to $1,000. That I’d open my eyes and caught my attention. Maybe more than it should have because it ended up with a huge argument with my ex, who “vetoed” an investment of 25BTC. Needless to say, BTC peaked north of $1,100 when it decided to nosedive again as it loves doing after each bull-run.

End of year passed and BTC wasn’t a topic anymore for some weeks. There were some missed opportunities sour grapes and sometimes it’s better to leave a topic further untouched.

Or so I thought.

Queue March 2014 when another friend, yet again a startup founder, told me he was in advanced stages of raising his seed round and asked if I was interested.

The project?

Coins.ph, the now largest payment wallet and remittance app in the Philippines with more than 5 million KYC and AML verified accounts. he had sold me on the potential of cryptocurrencies for the unbanked sector and, lo and behold, few months later his name as well as the name Coins.ph was to be found on most Asian tech sites and also on the main crypto news sites.

Ever since crypto has gradually taken on an always larger part in my life, sufficient to say that at the time of writing I have ditched fiat as an income and only rely on fiat anymore because most stores do not yet accept mobile wallet payments. Although, the supermarket nearby does but it still requires me to convert first to fiat and transfer to another app.

Yet, with the Philippines being favorable to cryptocurrencies, it can not be that long anymore before a player like Coins.ph makes strides in more traditional locations as well with its touchless and QR-code based payment options.

I guess that would become the moment I can say that “I’ve become unbanked”.


It was mostly because of last December's (2017) Bitcoin price reaching over $20,000 in price that made many social news outlet report how one coin is worth more than gold. Due to my curiousity about the said crypto coin, I searched what Bitcoin was all about and if possible how to get it for Free online.

It then lead me to faucets, web mining and one site that pays users for completing certain tasks called "Earncrypto.com". I then searched what Earncrpto.com was all about and if it was legit and luckily one of the search results were written on Steemit.com. I then become curious about the $$$ below the posts and immediately register. 8 months after I am still here. :)

So yeah! My point-of-entry was probably the website Earncrypto.com. Even though I only tried the site for around 4 days, I was still lucky I come across the site as I would have never stumbled upon the Steem platform.


I heard first of all only bitcoin and ask myself how an one thing could worth 4k usd. That is too much value. Then I check and learn about it. So I am engineer and I found the idea fascinating. I searched about more and more. Then I explore blockchain technology and altcoins. 

Idea of projects are very good and there were some use cases to show an example. I could decide how something has a future in technological aspect and solutions to different kind of problems via blockchain technology definetely has a great future. 

I am still researching new things and study solidity programing language to work an one of the great project. 



I came across Cryptocurrencies via steemit. I have heard of bitcoin before joining steemit last September. However, joining steemit was my main entry point. The STEEM and SBD reward made it easy for me to enter the cryptocurrency world and start exploring. I read many books, articles to improve myself on the crypto space.