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What is the major cause of ulcer?

The main reason for tissue layer ulceration is infection.

Bacterial infections cause tissue layer ulcers and ar common in those that use contact lenses.

Viral infections are a potential reason for tissue layer ulcers. Viruses like herpes simplex virus (a virus that causes cold sores) or pox virus (the virus that causes pox and shingles).

Fungal infections ar Associate in Nursing uncommon reason for tissue layer ulcers and might occur once injury with organic material like branches or twigs. folks plagued by this sort of infection have used steroid eye drops or contact lenses that aren't properly sterilized.

Other causes of tissue layer ulceration are:

  • Dry eyes. Abnormalities that cause dry eyes will cause the eyes to possess no protection against germs and cause ulcers.
  • Eye injury. alittle tear on the membrane may cause ulcers.
  • Inflammatory disorders.
  • Using non-sterile contact lenses.
  • Vitamin A deficiency

People who use terminated contact lenses or prolonged disposable contact lenses (including nightlong wear) are at high risk for tissue layer ulcers.