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What do you think about the statement that "never judge a book by its cover"do you agree totally that we should not judge people by their appearance?

It's actually a quite rational saying in my opinion. And a very thoughtful one too. It might have started as a way to curb superficiality and whoever came up with it is actually quite prescient, because this 21st century is definitely more strife with more superficiality than any other.

So saying never judge a book by its cover is way of saying don't judge people by their outward appearances which is also awesome because apart from the fact that it prevents people from being fake and people from thinking that being superficial gets them the attention and reverence, in detriment to the people who are actually being themselves, but also it promotes a sort of positivity that is more dependent on inner attributes, and is an effective way to shun stereotyping and other social ills.

Sort of like saying dont think just because I'm Chinese I know all the martial arts, or just because I'm black I'm violent and deserve to be shot. No. It's saying think deeply before you judge me. Dont think because my cover is old and rusty, it automatically means the book is terrible or vapid. No. I may contain great wisdom and be a source of help to you in the future.

On the other end of the spectrum though there is a saying that "Don't judge a book by its cover" is something a publisher would never say. This is so because they know that in spite of this quote against superficiality, appearance also do matter to an extent.

When promoting a new author for example relatively unknown, the first thing the readers would see of course is the cover. And first contact matters. It draws the reader in so that the content will then make them stay. But without the cover drawing them in at first, there really is no chance for the content to do what its supposed to do.

So yes appearance does matter, to an extent. But take it as a grain of salt. Allow it to act as a sort of ephemeral guide to your actions, but just a guide, not something you would base your ENTIRE actions and dispositions towards people upon.

Should we even judge the book anyhow in the end is another question. I mean what right have we even to judge anybody. Most things aren't as they appear at first, and some even are still different on the inside. Books are not human beings. Yiu can decide the merit of a book for yourself after you're done reading. But people are limitless. People can change. So next time you're thinking of judging a book, either by its cover or otherwise, know that humans are not books XD.



Well... there's no easy answer to this one. It depends. On a lot of things actually!

I don't believe you should judge anyone. Certainly not at first sight, but not even on second or third sight. Basically, you don't know the whole past of this person, so who are you to judge? 

"Yeah but this guy is always wearing this weird scarf! He's weird!"

How well do you know him? Maybe it was the scarf of the women he loved wholeheartedly, and who recently died after a long and terrible disease, and he's wearing the scarf to have the feeling that she's still right there with him...

On judging a book by its cover, there is another thing. There is something like "intuition", and that is our gut feeling, telling us things. Now, our gut feeling is not really our gut that's telling us things. It's our brain, which is processing thousands of pieces of information that it has gathered in a split second, and which it has matched to every piece of information we've come across in the past. And the result of that, is intuition. And it is not trying to explain to our consious brain what or how it is doing, it is just presented as a feeling, a gut feeling.

This intuition is a part of our monkey brain, our ancient brain, which controls our fight, flight, freeze reactions and all. We should use it, but we shouldn't let it control us.

I mostly make the comparison with driving a car. Intuition should be in the car, you should hear what it has to say. But it shouldn't be in the driver's seat. YOU need to be in the driver's seat. You need to control the weel. Listen to your intuition, learn to trust on it, and use its advice. No more, no less.

So judge a book by its cover? No, don't judge, but listen to what your intuition is telling you, it might know more than you think!


Yes I wholeheartedly believe that we should never judge a book by it's cover!! You can never truly know how a person is until you talk with them and get to know them so why on earth would anyone want to judge a person based on their appearance.

It's true that how a person dresses can say alot about them, but at the same time, it doesn't really say a lot about a person's personality or mindset toward life. It's easy to sit back and just conclude that a person is what you think he/she is when you've never even said so much as a 'hi' to them.

I'm a strong believer of always giving people the benefit of the doubt, and if we all go round concluding that people are exactly what they wear or look like then we might as well call every girl that wears a short skirt a slut and every kid that sags his pants a gangster.

I literally once got arrested by the police because I looked like a gang member. Yup, I was working out in an out door gym and the place got raised and because I had a big beard and a large muscular body, it was just assumed that I was amongst the people they came to look for when in reality I'm probably the farthest thing from a gang member you could ever find.

People dress in different ways and to express themselves, sometimes it does say alot about them, but not every time. We might as well just start concluding that every Asian is a hacker, or every Black man who's a little muscular is a convicted felon because that's the kind of stereotype that's been created.

To judge a book by it's cover is to support a stereotype and we all know just how all encompassing ethnic stereotypes are. I honestly don't think that anyone should be judged based on their appearance, you don't know why they're dressed that way and you don't know who they are so what gives you the right to judge them.

I hope this helps.


Generally judging people by the way they look might be wrong and misleading but I don't totally agree with the statement. Just like a book's cover if a person puts more effort into being presentable they're more likely to get more respectable treatment.

If you're somebody such as law enforcement officer working undercover being judged by the way you look is exactly what is desired. If you're not supposed to be in a certain area the best way to avoid security is to look like you belong there. If you want to be accepted as a member in a group of people it's easier when you are similar to them.


As much as I agree that we must never judge a book by it's cover, I also think that sometimes judging a book by one's intuition may sometimes help you ascertain, analyise and understand what a book is all about before even opening it. The truth is this doesn't appeal to all sort of situation because I believe in the present world we are living, there is always an exception and limitation to every statement, every quote and every proverb.

For example if a person who is the CEO of a company comes to his company in tattered rags and clothes and some people sees him for the first time, won't they believe he's a mad man or a beggar who's lost his way? The truth Is the people who sawyer him as a mad man and not the CEO has certainly judged him based on his appearances but they're definitely not wrong to judge him and why is this? Their instincts have already told them that this is a mad man walking in our company and the first thing they'll do is to call security.

 In a reverse situation it could be that the man was truly a mad man if they see his appearances what if they now mistook him for the CEO because they were told to never judge a book by it's cover and it turns out he was a mad man, he may eventually end up hurting them, whereas their intuition and instincts told them he was a mad man and they didn't listen?

This saying can be somewhat countered by another saying says that "How you dress is how you're addressed" so if we appear kind and benevolent it won't be so bad if we're tilted to refute this which is an exact opposite of "never judge a book by it's cover"

My point in this situation is that the saying "never judge a book by it's cover" does not apply to all situation sometimes when we judge people by following our instincts and intuition of them we may be right and sometimes we may be right, some books have very attractive cover and they turn out very good, while sometimes they may and turn out very bad, the thing is we should not always doubt our instincts because because of a saying. Our instincts and reaction towards what we perceive as "not so good" is what keeps us alive and good perceptions of this saying helps us make the right decisions in life, but it's only our instincts that keeps us safe even when we may be wrong or right this saying is of course very good, plausible and very true, but not 100 certain and applicable in all life scenarios and situations.