What are the behaviours that is expected from a confident person?

To be sincere, being confident isn't all about speaking up or standing up in time of danger, it requires more than that. To be confident, one ought to have much knowledge about what he or she is standing up for or to, this knowledge alone gives him or her boldness to speak freely with no fear of alterations. So here are some qualities I expect from a confident person.

1.He or she should be bold enough to speak or act even when the outcome is unclear , that's because he holds good amount of knowledge on the subject in question.

2.He or she should be able to stand alone for what he or she believes even when others stay away out of fear.

3.He or she should be able to solve situations arising as well as lead people as a successful leader.

4.Finally , a confidence person should be active, accept rejection, experience fear but take action anyway and act just when the time is right

  • A confident person never tries to become confident. He never pretends.
  • Confident people do not care about other people's opinions. They listen, they smile and they do what they consider to be good for them.
  • They tell the truth, sometimes their lies also resemble the "truth".
  • They always have a smile on their faces.
  • They are not uncertain or aggressive about what they say, they say things with a lot of confidence.
  • Sometimes they are also comfortable with nervousness, feeling comfortable, accepting things as they are, not trying to judge or making self-hating speeches. the biggest sign of a confident person.
  • They wear their failures as a badge of honor. They fail, they learn, get up and start again.
  • They like to share their stories of failure or their insecurities, and most of all they are never ashamed to show their weak side. They are proud of what they do.
  • They talk to everyone gently
  • Confident people have patience. They do not create a mess, they wait for the right person or become the ideal person.
  • They can be cool and composed like Rahul Dravid and also very noisy and very confident like Virat Kohli, they practice, train hard.
  • Intelligence is also not a parameter of trust, I mean we have a perfect example of two confident leaders, just look at Mr. Narendra Modi and 'Sir' Rahul Gandhi :)
  • In fact, there are no parameters, it's the way you see yourself, how you behave, or what you're doing. How much do you love yourself? How much do you believe in yourself? Is a natural quality of a person born or developed over the years, only God knows!
  • Trust is a big thing, everyone should have self-confidence, but I hope that good people will become safer so that they can do the right things rather than trusting unconscious or unconscious people.
  • And yeah, confident people never give up, never! They keep writing, Haha ...... I hope you liked it :)

Self confidence is the first and most important parameter to check the confidence level of a confident person. Confident person should be simple, smarter and ready to meet any challenge. He should be dedicated and self directed person who understand about his surroundings and issues.


Don't overcomplicate. You need something? Fantastic! Make an arrangement to make it yours. Watch out for the prize and don't get occupied by different people groups commotion or by your very own capacity to over-think. 

2. Concentrate on what you need. Sure individuals remember a positive vision of things to come. They anticipate that beneficial things will happen to them, and thus they do, as desire is a ground-breaking power. 

3. Go about as though it's as of now yours. Individuals who are confident enable their dialect and activities to be in accordance with their result. This moves trust in others. 

4. Use words with aim. Consider the distinction with two individuals examining their new blog. One could be, "Indeed, I am a blogger. You like vintage handbags as well? Wonderful! We should associate — look at the new pictures I posted at..." versus "All things considered, I am endeavoring to blog however don't know I am doing it right (apprehensive giggle)." Who do you think gets the most perspectives and offers? 

5. Tune in however don't pay notice to others' feelings. Other individuals are benevolent and at times decide in favor of alert. Sure individuals tune in to other individuals yet don't give their distinction of viewpoint take them a risk to off track. It's yourlife! 

6. Commit time to what matters.Confident individuals are glad to state no to things to set aside a few minutes and vitality for their needs. Interestingly enough, individuals treat them with more regard therefore.


Confident people are usually calm..

Confident people are usually a good listener..

Confident people are known to be able to speak thoughtfully and slowly...

Confident people hardly feel excited, feel frustrated or feel irritated during a conversation....

Confident people reason deeply

Confident people often don’t mind to be proven wrong

Confident people actually know when to say “no”