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Do we have more authors than investors on steemit?

To be honest in my point of each and every person in Steemit is kind of an investor. 

To say it

The more author we have the more focus our Steemit will get. The more the users the more outside attention towards our community will get so it will be one of the best thing that can happen to Steemit. 

The mass adoption of Steem Blockchain.

While about the investor part :

I believe each and every user in this Steem Blockchain is an investor beacuse if we think it deeply than 

  • Some are investing money
  • Some are investing their Time
  • Some are sharing their knowledge 

So getting more authors is a good sign for us and more liquid investment in Steem could give a pump to us as well.


Yes I'm pretty sure we do. People are sold on the idea of being able to monetize their talents on steemit, they join because they're told that they can get paid for what they post and it's the truth. I joined steemit about 14moons ago and back then all I had in mind was how awesome it was that I could get paid for simply writing posts and that was the driving factor for why I joined steemit.

I never for one second thought about buying more steempower or investing anything more than my intellectual content on steemit, it was all about getting paid for me... although I was thrilled at the idea of showcasing my writing skills, but that was mostly it.

I believe that most people join steemit for the same reasons, to be authors and not investors and if you ask me, that's not entirely a bad thing. Even steemits landing page has it boldly written there "GET PAID FOR CONTENT" so if that's what the creators of steemit felt was a good way to advertise steemit then it's ok if you're just an author and not an investor.

Well unless you're referring to investing intellectual property, then we definitely have more authors than investors in steemit.

I hope this helps.


There are more types of investors now besides the normal investor who just bought Steem and created an account. If these are the investors you are talking about then yes there are more authors.

Everyone on Steemit is an investor as we are all ties to Steem in one way or another. Some smaller perhaps but still holding Steem.

musing is an investor in Steem as they have developed an App to run on the block chain. They have invested their time , money and skills to create something.

Investment comes in all different forms


There are different modes of investment on the Steem blockchain that makes the question a bit complex.  

Investment comes in various forms - money, time and collaboration.  Therefore while Authors invest their time to produce decent content, curators and the big money investors have put in significant amount of money into the steem blockchain.

It is only natural that we have more Authors than those who invest their money and opt to curate/hodl till price rises. The important thing is that more investors think longterm and look to hodl their steem earnings rather than searching for a quick buck.

All types of investments are required for the platform to grow.