How should one publish to be upvoted for one person?
What I want to know is what are the reasons for a person upvote a post within steem how long it should be, how many images should have. summary the question is what are the things that have to have a post to be of good quality.
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Steemit has grown very fast in few years. Hundreds of people are posting in steemit every second if I'm not wrong. But not everyone is posting quality content. But regrettable matter is quality contents are also no getting expected amount of upvote. Well about upvote I'm going to tell you later. 

First let me tell you about what is a quality content to me. The first condition of a quality content is to choose a topic which is different then others but acceptable. Suppose you have a choice and that is about a hunted house. This is a exceptional topic and this will attract people. But your heading should be magnetic. Then you should write in depth but don't write a big essay. Keep that in between 1000 words. If you can manage then take one or to image by yourself and attach them to your writing. If you take image from internet then provide credit to that website. You can make some parts like introduction description, conclusion but don't write this points. Write something else like "Why it's Hunted" then before another paragraph write the point as "When the house become hunted". In this way you should write and finish writing. 

After finishing put a banner of your choice written follow, upvote etc.

Now How you can get upvote:

After publishing you brag your post link in social medias and if anyone find interesting then they will upvote. You can follow other people to see their post and often make comments to them and upvote their quality contents. This way you will be able to make a community of yours who will follow you and upvote. You can join some discord channel which will help a lot. But to me in steemit the main source of upvote is to buy vote from bots and bid bots. That means you have to invest to make your post get upvote. Such as there is a bot named bdbot that provides 150% upvote. That means if you send 1 sbd the bot will return 1.50 sbd. There are also some other way. You can participate in competitions like photography competition, curation competitions. These are ways that are according to my short knowledge. 

Thank You for reading.

First  your post should attract people's attention. Therefore you should choose a good title. It depends on you how much images  want  to upload. Images have to fit with the text you write. I personally upvote the posts which have interesting textures.