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Do you think it is a good thing for school kids to have access to internet inside their various schools?

As someone who teaches the students aged between 9 to 18, I hope that I can answer this question in a more correct way. Pardon me because this answer is going to be from an Indian point of view!

To those who would hate going through details, here is my conclusion "Yes it is a good thing!"

In my school, kids are not provided with an internet access. Nor are the schools all over the India. And  off late, I have learned that the schools located in almost all of the developing nations are also following the same modus operandi in most!

I am tired of conveying my authorities of setting up a teaching model that imbibes the soul of 21st century. But it is highly impractical as they suggest as this new system must involve the active participation of parents which in most part seems highly unlikely!

Things must change with the change in time. Unlike the previous times, nowadays monopoly of knowledge is not with teachers. Anyone can learn anything from anywhere in the world provided they have a good access to the greatest invention of humankind ever-  The INTERNET!

It is quite disturbing to see some teachers acting as if they are the only gateway towards knowledge and wisdom. They ask their students to do homework, mug up a poem and expect them always to be abide by their pointless orders. If you give a closer look at this act you can find the element of absurdity. This methodology doesn't fit the contemporary context. It is more like going back in time and teaching the 2010's kids of using stone based tools for their survival. Not to mention these kids will end up in confused state when they once get out of the school!

It is the duty of our society as a whole to impart in these kids the life skills needed in the years to come. Any method of teaching  that completely neglects the technology would be of no use I swear.

In these days of technological advancements, the role of a human teacher in a formal class room is  just secondary. He/ she must be more of a facilitator rather than venturing into acting as doyen of all sorts.

So the end word is a big "YES" and MUST!


I have no problem with schools granting internet access towards their students as long as they filter certain websites that can possibly harm them in some aspects. However, even without internet access, these kids can access internet through mobile data with their devices. Thus, parents can play a part by responsibly giving their kids what's necessary when it comes to internet usage in their phones.

Of course, internet has a lot of advantages too. They can be used for researching for their assignments. Teachers can also benefit from the aid of internet. But it should be used in a proper manner especially for kids who are vulnerable on possible online dangers.


Nowadays internet is so important that you cannot imagine your life without internet. You have to use internet in your life. This is how we communicate these days. 

When I got admitted in college, I had to go to college, filled up the admission form. I had to go to college to see the admission result. Then again I had to fill up the admission form and give admission fee. When I went to university, I had to do the same thing. I had to do everything manually. And it takes a long time.

Now everything has been changed. You don't need to go to college or university to collect admission form. You can do it at home, just go to the internet, and fill up the form. If you get chance at college or university, you get the result on the internet. Now all you have to do is to fill up the form and pay admission fee online. Looks like I'm telling you an ancient story. No, it is not. Everything has been changed in a couple of years. And I'm really surprised to see how fast this is happening.

Do you think we are going backward? No, we are not. 

This is just starting. So kids should get used to using internet from school. I think it is a good thing for school kids to have access to internet inside their various schools. 


I think that the internet can be a great tool for children in schools - as long as it is monitored and limited. USing the internet in class to help with research for a project can help children learn and be beneficial. However, using the internet to much will teach children that they dont need to think critically and for themselves because Google always has the answer.

I dont think that schools should give children access to WIFI in the playground, and actually think that phones should be banned in all playgrounds. Otherwise we will see more and more children spending their break time on their devices rather than running around.


Yes, and with the advancement in the technology and also with the help of many software, it is possible to limit their access to their study, growth, training related sites, but it is also possible to monitor their activities. 

So, I don't think there is any harm in providing them internet access in the schools. With proper guidance, this could be helpful in speeding up their learning process and getting new skills.


The internet is like a double edged sword.Letting children have access to it without supervision is a disaster waiting to happen.Children are very impressionable and exposing them fully to the internet does not bode well for them,their parents or the society.

Easing them gently into it with careful supervision should be the way to go until they have reached the age of responsibility and maturity.