What makes children wayward?

Now, if the baby starts to do naughty or whimper unclear, then you need to examine the three things. Maybe, the child is hungry and you forget the meal schedule. It could also be, he was tired and sleepy because you took a day out walking.

According to Clara, besides being triggered by physical factors, delinquency in children also arises due to psychological factors. A child, used to do naughty or actions that can make a mother annoyed, actually to call attention. "The main purpose of the child is bad, because he is asking for attention." In addition, children also often do bad things because they are driven by factors to seek power. Usually, Clara said, this was done by children aged two to three years. "Children usually throw or spill food while eating, the goal is to be independent and prove that they can eat themselves."

In fact, there are also children who deliberately commit delinquency for reasons of revenge. This is usually done by older children. Usually, Clara said, children who don't get attention and can't find power tend to take revenge by irritating the mother. If the child has said, "I don't want to, Mama is really bad." That is a sign that the child has felt annoyed with his parents. So, he will try to do naughty actions and make the mother annoyed to death.

Clara revealed, parents have a big role in educating their children. He reminded, many parents are now wrongly applying attention to children. Most parents pay attention to the baby, precisely when they do naughty behavior. "Giving attention to children at the wrong time is wrong," he said. Reprimanding a child when playing with the television button for example, he said, would be perceived by the child, if he wanted to get attention, then he had to play the television button. So, give your child attention when he does something nice and sweet.

According to Clara, giving attention in the wrong way will make the child not know how to obey the right rules. In addition, the child will become a disobedient person. "In fact, if it is left unchecked, children can become antisocial," he said. Before it's too late, it must be addressed immediately. Namely, Clara said, with the law of behavior.

The law of behavior states, a behavior is carried out and repeated, because it gives pleasant results. Well, if the child does something that pleases him, then he will repeat the act. When your child can eat alone, sing, draw or play alone, give them applause, hugs and smiles. The child feels happy and will continue to try to repeat the positive action.