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Do you think we have enough educational institution in the world?

The problem isn't having enough educational institutions in the world but if the education offered by the educational institutions is relevant to our times.

Most educational institutions are just business centers on steriods they care nothing for the students but rather on the money they can generate from them.

The educational system in my opinion needs a total overhaul because education has gotten expensive with many students graduating with debt and even then not all of them will be guaranteed a job on graduation.

I would love to see schools that pays students to study instead of the other way around.So that when they graduate they have enough money to start whatever business or enterprise they have in mind instead of incurring debt from education and i believe Blockchain technology can make that happen.


I definitely think that there are enough educational institutions in the world. The only thing that is missing is quality institutions. Some of the institutions especially the ones that are in India are money dependent and they fail to provide quality education. That is the reason why they look forward to have higher studies in other countries where there is a value based education system. 

When I say value, most of the educational institutions fail to teach about basic human values. They focus more on the subjects and marks and fail to teach the basic things for a human being to live a social life. Some educational institutions also have so many rules in place and they don't really care about man making education. If you ask me about the situation in India, I have so many complaints. The cost for education in India is very high because it is being run by private institutions and at the same time liquor cost is very low because it is run by government. That is the current condition of our state in India. 

Of course when I list out lots of negative things about the educational institutions in the world, I also have so many positive things about some of the educational institutions. Especially the school that I studied takes lots of efforts in uplifting the character of an individual. They also focus more on the quality of the education and make sure the kids are also thought about the culture and traditions. India is famous all over the world for culture and tradition. The educational institutions teaching about the culture and tradition have greatly reduced. 

There are many old universities all over the world that still holds lots of nostalgic memories. Some of the great minds have graduated from such great educational institutions. Finally, I would like to say that there are lots of room for improvement when it comes to quality of education as we already have enough educational institutions all over the world. 


For most countries in the world, I think it's yes! They do have the means to produce quality education and the technology to enhance it. They do have the capabilities to accommodate almost all students and children hungry for learning. But the problem is, not all institutions offer their services for free or close to, to those under the poverty line families and individuals. It will never be a question to whether we have the ability to produce more of these institutions but instead a question to how much we care about giving free education to all.


i do not think they are enough educational institution in the world.  but i cant really say that with reasonable and quality facts . but i can speak for Nigeria, the country in which i can reside in. i can speak for Nigeria as a country with facts due to the numbers of people who wished to go sch but the educational institutions available cant contain them. 

lets start with the basic schools. when it comes to basic school, i can authoritatively say that the institutions in place to handle this aspect is okay and well stocked both in infrastructure and well organised system. 

but then, starting from the secondary aspect to the Tertiary aspect, the institutions in place are not enough. they are shortage of staffs and facilities, this has made it unable for people to really attend schools and be learned.  due to this shortage of quality tertiary  institutions in Nigeria, people go out from the country and goes to country like united states of america, canada, germany and other developed country to study. 


Good question


I think in every country we dont have enough educational institution.Many countries have a So much educational.problem.In some poor countries don't have a enough facilities .I seen in many countries about this topic have so many problem.But in some countries government trying to solve their educational problem.But sometims we can see that in some government people are delay about these matter..Some are create many problem. Government give for create educational institutions but some theft take away money.Also about world or countries all countries have a village site also. We can say in village educational problem.we can see much.At the end we can In the world I think we don't have enough educational institution. Because we are not able to give same facilities in all.place.



I don't think there are enough educational institutions in the world, especially in Africa and Nigeria in specific. Till date in Nigeria, some student still walk 4 or more kilometers to their respective school. And as for tertiary institutions, some states don't even have them.

Some educational institutions are only on papers but do not actually exist, just recently in Nigeria its was revealed that they were about 600 ghost institutions in Nigeria were some people were collecting the money meant for those institutions.

However, even the already existing institutions, lack the infrastructural facilities to meet the teeming population of the students. Some school even study under a tree.

The teachers are not qualified, not too long, it was on national news paper that about 1500 teacher in a state were not able to pass primary 4 exams. A man cannot give what he does not have.


The question is about "educational institutions." I assume the key to this question is "institutions."

Quite frankly, I fear that modern education is far to "institutionalized." In the United States, their are more administrators than teachers in most education institutions.

Focusing too heavily on the institutions actually decreases the quality of the education itself.

I ran out of money and couldn't complete college. I had hopes of returning to college; So I read all of the textbooks I could find. I learned more in the year that I broke free of the institution than I learned in all the years of institutionalized education.

My answer to this question hinges on what ones means by the term "institution." If one means the political structure surrounding the education industry; then my answer is that education is way too institutionalized.

If you mean the number of companies engaged in education, then my answer is that we need more people and more companies directly engaged in education and we need to break this idea that education somehow comes from an institution.


I’d contend that enough / not enough is of secondary importance to the primary factor of how effectively the ones that exist are or aren’t serving...