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How can i get more attention and good upvotes in the area of my artistic nude, nude art and portrait photographies? Thank you and have a nice day...?

I highly suggest you to check out @artisteem or ntopaz for your digital portraits as they give decent support towards good artists on the Steem blockchain.

Also I've looked at some of your "nude artstyle" and I think the pictures were more than great. The blog post as a whole though is somewhat lacking. Sorry! XD Maybe try to write a little bit background next time, like why you decided to do that pose and/or if there is any meaning behind it. XD

It would also be great if you already have an existing blog outside Steem as I think your niche would do pretty well on SteemPress. For people who has a strong niche like yourself and is constantly delivering original content, SteemPress is the ideal platform to use.

One major concern of many content creators on Steem is the 7 day payout timeframe. It's like after 7 days your content is not anymore relevant. With SteemPress, you are allowing yourself to be rewarded short-term(Steem) and long-term(your blog outside) as I am pretty sure only a few people have the same interests as you at the moment at Steem. Even some artists on Steem are finding it hard to find people who really appreciates art. So posting your artwork and art outside steem somehow allows you to still share your content to the world and possibly earn a little bit. XD

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You can make it into a dtube video, my point is that this decentralized app rewards video so if you do nude art, artistic arts and photography and drawings too then you can make your drawing process into a video and upload it and you have a chance of being rewarded when you put it in a video form though you may need to edit it very well there are so many people who are artists on steemit.com for example @edgesart and they are actually utilising dtube the decentralized applications and getting votes and reward for their artistic process and procedures done in videos.

Secondly you can also make use of tags and communities as well for example you can make use of tags like @curie, @wafrica @artzone and if you're work I actually quality just like you said then you can get community votes and also you can get votes from initiatives such as @artzone it may be worth just under $2 or up to $2 depending on the price of steem however I think it is better than nothing another thing is try to mention or associate with other people I mean top photographers or artists who are also into your niche and they may get to bring your work to the limelight and help you grow.

Deadly that you are an artist doesn't give you a better chance of having higher votes you need to work hard for your work to be accepted it is a decentralized platform so no vote is guaranteed you only earned by the people you know or by people who approve of your work and even if they are good not everybody will approve it so I have given you the two step to follow and the third step will be for you to work hard in promoting your art.

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Getting upvote in every specialty is almost the same with others, just that , sometimes people shy away to participate in any contents that has to do with nudity. Most curation community even frown against contents with erotic background but this doesn't mean everyone does hate your field of expertise. The first thing to do is

1.search for community that promotes the kind of contents you give out and be active on it.

2.advertise your work with resteem bots that cost less, you may just be lucky that a whale may find and appreciate your work

3.Be persistent, all hardwork doesn't pay in just a day

4.write a little note to your portrait to help people gain clarification on your motivation when drawing.

5.use the right tags.

This doesn't guarantee a 100% assurance for a good upvote but it can help you to go further than your present condition.

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If you're making artistic nude, your best bet is to get involved with the art communities that allow explicit content.  Don't have much information on that, unfortunately.

Now, if you're making lewd photos and videos, talk to @dporn.  The site needs more help on the development end, but their roadmap is pretty well figured out. They can help connect you to other awesome adult content creators.