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What can I publish and what can't I publish in musing.io?
I'm new to the musing platform and I want to follow all the rules of the site, I've searched through the whole page and I can not find them, that's why it's my question.

On behalf of Musing and all users on this platform, we are all sorry. :)

I think FAQ's, rules and guidelines would be added in the next features that will be released soon by the Musing team. But for reference you can check the Official Curation Guidelines here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA

To sum it all up: You can ask and answer anything as long as you do it in a respectable manner.

Plagiarism is highly discourage here and might get you a downvote. Be original as much as possible and only answer questions that you have total knowledge or experience about. If you want to copy a part of a text you found online, then source it correctly but do not copy the whole text. As much as possible explain it in your own words! :)


Firstly, I must commend you for your character and conduct for a newbie like you making good research about what the platform entails and rules guiding musing so that you will be able to earn more as you learn and you won't face any difficulties.

Some people don't really understand how the system operate before engaging in the activities, they just saw people earning on the platform by doing the regular activities and they also decided to do such ignorantly and this has caused most of them ending up with low upvote or not getting the required upvote from musing.

I can see you are ready to learn and earn very big on musing for you to ask about the rules or guidelines backing up musing. I am also ready to make you achieve your purpose since I am not new to musing. I will take my time to give explicit answers to the questions you've provided and I will add some basic features that can make you earn big on musing. Just stay relaxed, grab your pop corn and read the below answer to your question.

Before answering your question, I will want you to know what musing is all about because you are new to the platform.

Musing is a decentralized question and answer platform built on steem blockchain. This means you are able to earn as you ask questions and provide quality answers to questions. I have been earning very great on this platform for engaging in the required activities. Musing is one of the best Steemit dApp that can help you earn more steem or SBD and SP just for asking questions or providing quality answers.

The sad fact about this is that it is not everyone that will earn the same because some people don't really follow rules guarding musing. Thus is why you may see some people ending up with no upvote after asking questions or providing answers while some may earn full upvote from musing due to their posts quality and musing rules adopted while posting on the platform.

This is why you need to understand the dos and don'ts of musing before making posts on musing.

What can you publish on musing?

As a musing user, you only entitled to publish questions and answers on musing. I will make this more explicit by taking them separately.

1) ASKING QUESTIONS: Just as I have stated earlier, you are eligible to post questions on musing because this is one of the reasons musing is built for.

You are to make sure your question will be understood by others so as to get more answers to your question from different people with different views.

Also, make use of the space provided below the question part to give more details about your question just as you've done. This will make the the audience understand your questions very well.

Also, you are to make use of necessary tags related to your question and your questions must always be written in English.

2) PROVIDING QUALITY ANSWERS: Providing answers is also one of the sole reason for using musing. You can observe I made use of the word "Quality Answers"! Yes.. That's the fact. Your answer must contain quality posts regarding the question asked. Sometimes, quality beats out quantity in musing because there are group of curators who make survey on each posts provided before you are upvoted.

Always try to capture the heart of the questioner by providing quality answers and from there you capture the heart of the curators and other users as this may get you to the trending page on musing.

The answer features also consist of some editing markdown while typing and you can also make use of pictures to make your answers more explicit.

Always ensure you provide answers in English Language and avoid spamming. Stay real and true to yourself by answering questions you know of and don't be too greedy for money to provide false answers to mislead people all in the name of making money.

What can't I publish on musing?

There are some certain don'ts that musing doesn't recommend for it's users and I will list and explain them.

1) ABUSIVE OR DEROGATORY WORDS: I am sure you won't like it if someone abused you or make derogatory statements against you. Everyone loves to be respected and loved by others just as you will also love to be treated the same.

Always do away with abusive words against people. Don't cause commotion or conflict amongst other users. Every users are peaceful to each other and this is one of the reasons musing is growing. We love it when we are all loving and caring towards each other than promoting violence and war against ourselves.

2) AVOID SPAMMING: The spamming I am talking about here is by providing wrong answers to questions just because you want to earn. This is not encouraging as a person of integrity and respect. There are voluminous questions to answer, don't be too greedy for the money by answering questions you have no k about because you just want to earn for your sake. This isn't encouraging.

There are lots of people who read answers to questions they don't understand and if you are the type that provides false answers, you will mislead millions of people just because of your greed for money.

3) DON'T PUBLISH POST NOT WRITTEN IN ENGLISH : One of the reasons I am able to answer your questions is because you provided the question in English English Language. Every musing users are obliged to always publish posts in English Language be it question or answer.

If everyone start making use of their official language to publish post on musing, the platform will be disorganised and it won't be as lively as it is today. Always ensure you type in English.

If you can't type in English, make use of language translator to convert your language into English and then post it on musing.

These are the major things you need to know about the platform for now and I am sure the more you make use of musing, the more you understand how it works and the more it becomes more interesting.

I also want to welcome you to the platform and I hope you make more money easily on Steemit while you are learning for free. Don't forget to join us at Discod via https://discord.gg/6ajpSZ. Have a wonderful day and keep earning while you learn πŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ’—

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


You can post any thing or ask any question. you can also get rewards for you question or answer.

However, rewards/ upvote are not guaranteed.Β 

There are two way by which upvotes can be earned.

First through asking questions. Before asking questions following should be kept in mind.

Question should be relevant.

Avoid asking repeated question.

Question asked should be clear and properly described.

Second way of getting upvtoes is by answering the questions asked by the user. Following should be kept in mind while answering:

Answer given should be relevant to the question asked.

Given complete explanation of answer for better understanding.

Avoid coping others content. Otherwise you will be flagged.Β 


In musing platform you can ask any question you did like and at the same time answer any question you may want to.

There are some pointers that you should following making sure that you are abiding by all the TOS also known as Terms and Service.

1. Check for duplicates Β - before asking a question its a good practice to ensure that you are not asking a question which has already been asked. The best way to find that out is to make use of the search features. You need to be some what innovative while searching for the question to check if its a duplicate or not.

What normally I do is use the key words in the question to cross check if a question has been already asked or not. To give you an example - I wanted to as a question on "Who is called the father of invention" so how do I check in the search box is as follows:-

  • you can search for the whole question no doubt about it - by typing in your question in the search bar. If something appears like it. Than probably its not recommended to ask similar question.
  • use the key words - so in our example i would search for "father of invention" if something comes from the search results. Cross-check that it is not similar that you intent to ask and if its not a duplicate than feel free to ask the question

2. Answers question - you are comfortable with or have a domain expertise in. So the other thing you can publish here is answering the question. Normally what I do is that if I'm through with what the user is asking than I Β answer the questions quoting my experience.Β 

3. Research and than answer - this is something very interesting that you will find. If there is a question that you did like to answer and you think that you need to do a bit of googling or research on it. Than go ahead with your research but ensure that you are not Spaming and not doing cut copy paste work. By this what I mean is that you really need to be showing your innovative skills by understanding the topics and than answering in your own words and not taking/copying others work - respect other work and musing doesn't tolerate Plagiarism - so avoid it.

Finally to be very precise you can publish Questions and Answers in what ever form you make like but ensuring that you are not Plagiarizing other people work. This is something which musing doesn't accept and will just delete your post for doing it.



You can publish content concerning any subject of your choice but ensure that you do not post contents that are racist in nature or demeaning..

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Simply put: Questions and answers of any topic. This is not the place if you want to post blog posts, but if relevant to a question, you can write a reply and post it to your Steem blog as well by checking the "post to blog" checkbox.