Will AI ever comprehend human feelings?
Robots may coordinate people in perceiving diverse sorts of feelings in the following couple of decades

I don't think this will ever be possible. From my knowledge Artificial Intelligence has an enormous potential that would easily outpace the average human intelligence, but intelligence is not the only thing that defines us as human beings. We also have feelings which will never be understood and felt by other than human beings. AI being basically computerized intelligence is not human, doesn't have life or a soul in it and it will be doomed to just be just an intelligent robot. Feelings are specific to us humans and probably some animals also and that is possible due to our soul and other chemical processes that are happening in our brain making it possible for us to have feelings and also to have empathy. I am sure that AI will be able "to think" a lot and will also be able to do many things better than us such as improving the existing technology, make us aware of some dangers around us and even "make career" in the health department but will never be able to be human or replace a human. We are unique and not piece of tech or any other species can be like us and one of the things that makes us unique is the ability to feel and to mix feelings with thinking. An ability that AI will never have. 


I would say perhaps no as of now, because I am basing it on the current development of world AI technology today. Their capabilities are limited to decisions like yes and no, or maybe not, maybe yes. But as time progresses, we will be seeing AI's that can scale not only to physical features but also emotional features, psychological and even spiritual. This will be made possible as robots and AI's were developed by rational individuals. I may sound so absurd but let's see. We'll never know what future may seem to be for our next generation.


As of present technology this seems a bit far. To recreate the human thoughts in digital format will require a lot of computation and memory space. Its beyond the ability of present technology. You can't formulate it as even a million formula will be still not enough to reproduce human thoughts. We have to setup knowledge architecture for this. If-else or any kind of greedy or best search or sort algorithm isn't capable of recreating feelings. We need next gen algorithms for it. 


Human feelings generate observable data because humans cannot help but constantly express them. We are aware of only a fraction of the ways in which we express our feelings. Machine learning can be used to classify and model or even manipulate our feelings. Social media is the perfect interface at which to gather this data and provide us feedback to manipulate us based on interpretations of how we are feeling.

In fact, this is what Facebook is trying to do: to analyze its users' feelings to adjust its feed to them and manipulate them. Creepy, isn't it? 



Nope, AI will never be able to understand how human feelings are. 

Human feelings are the most complex, and the most complicated things  made by god.  Humans will not be able to make and imitate, or implement it on an AI.