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Do you have to deceive secure somebody's emotions and what is the reason?

No I don't think you have to do anything of the sort to either make a person feel secure emotionally or to make a person love you. Lying only begets more lying and sooner or later you won't even know what was true and what was a lie because you'll be so too used to doing it. Moreover, it will only lead to a person either having false emotions for you or feeling a false sense of emotional security.

If you're with a person that's emotionally insecure and they need to be reassured that you care about them then your best bet would simply be to just try and show them more love. Saying I love you is important but proving it with your actions is what will really bring home the bacon.

If you're trying to get a person to fall in love with you then you could actually deceive and lie to them and make them fall for you, but the thing is, it's not you their falling for, it's the lies and the deceit and that never lasts because the truth will eventually come out. I'm not saying you can't tell a little white lie here and there, but if you make lies and deceit the foundation of the love the person has for you then that relationship is bound to fail.

Lying and deceiving people will never be a good idea as far as people emotions are concerned and in my experience being honest about how you feel is what works. Even if the person doesn't respond the way you want them to then just take solace in the fact that whoever picks up on your sincerity and honesty and still loves you after that loves you for you.

I hope this helps.