At what age should one enter into a relationship?

I think , and I guess I am right: Every Biologically matured person can start a relationship . But the responsibilities of doing so has to be appreciated and weighed if you are able to weather them successfully. If, you can't , there is no business starting a relationship 😀

What are they? You must be emotionally ready. Emotions are feelings , leading to Acts that can't be Logically explained. A typical example is when a man choose to die for a spouse who is about to die to Live instead. Relationship involves many of such Illogical sacrifices.

Are you Financially Stable? Though some would not take this as important, in my part of the world success or failure of relationships are highly determined by ability to financially provide for one another.

Biological Consequences. It is highly Probable that relationship will lead to sexual relationship as well which would lead to untimely child support. Are you ready for this?

Think of others , they are quite many. If you are not sure of your ability to weather the storm of relationship , you may elect to back off NOW!!


The legal age to which the society support as an African is 18 above. Though nowadays people experience puberty earlier which makes them prompt to start finding the opposite sex attractive before the African legal age. So to answer this based on the era we are, then I do say, one can enter a relationship as long as he or she believes she's mature enough to handle one, and by mature enough , I mean maturity in time to handle thoughts, to take informed decision and understand what's actually right and wrong.

There is always this inner thought of readiness when one is mature to start a relationship, one begins to feel lonely all by themselves as well as desire the companionship of the opposite sex. This makes one assure there is a lacuna that needs to be fill, this makes one know he is ready to enter a relationship.

So readiness to enter a relationship is a mind thing , a mind conviction, a self assurance and not a decree by law or the society that one must get to a specific age before he or she should enter a relationship. As long as one believes he is ready then he is ready.


If the relationship here is defined as a marriage relationship, then each country has its own rules. And it can be ascertained that each country has a different age limit.

For example, Indonesia and Malaysia. Indonesia determines the age of marriage for women is 16 years and men are 19 years. Meanwhile, Malaysia determines the age of marriage for women is 16 years and men 18 years.

The age limit also has a dilemma (problem) when viewed from several perspectives. For example, Human Rights, in Indonesia stipulates that a minimum age of marriage is 18 years old. Not to mention, if viewed from a psychological and biological perspective, in the perspective of regulation alone it is contradictory.

An important point in embracing a relationship, especially marriage or marriage, is the readiness of two couples, both physical and non-physical. This physical relationship with the needs of the body (health) or financial to carry out a relationship and non-physical is the knowledge that must be owned by each partner.

Preparing the two preparations will greatly affect the harmony in the relationship of each pair.


There is extremely no best age. It relies upon your personality and how really matured you are. You can begin late and feel extremely inexperienced. You can begin early and commit an excessive

number of errors since you don't realize what you are doing. In any case, whatever age you are, it is as yet entangled in light of the fact that you are no longer yourself??It takes two to make sense of your common grounds and how you really compliment one another and whether the outcome merits staying around for...

I'd state preteens are a bit too soon, however in the event that you like somebody and they like you back, there is no reason you shouldn't try dating out when you are in your late teenage years which is (17-19 years of age)...


I think the appropriate age that one should enter into a relationship is at the age of 18 and above. My reason for this is that at that age, it is officially believed that one is officially an adult.

Keeping friends of opposite sex at a tender age is allowed but not relationship because there are more things attached to relationship than just staying as friends things like sex, arguments etc

I personally will not stop my kids who might be at any age range to have friends including the opposite sex while they are still young and not yet up to 18. Why I would do this is because there will start having a perception as to why they need to have friends.

I will not be a parent who restricts his kids from having friends, but the major thing I will be doing is find out the kind of friend they have.

A person should not be advised to go into a relationship except he/she is up to the age of 18.

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