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How cryptocurrency can change your life?
Knowing about digital money and its adequacy. Originating from somebody who is a tenderfoot to the terms bitcoin,steem, and cryprocurrency. I am a year in and not hoping to turn back. Understanding that these coins are getting to be as better approach for life in the terms of money. It would be ideal if you invest a long time researching,trading,exchanging, and obtaining these coins with expectations of profiting. I take a gander at PCs in a radical new light. They don't simply enable individuals to peruse the web, look facebook, or locate an incredible formula. A few people mine. This is likewise another world for me to see, however I am so charmed by it. I don't do it without anyone else's help, be that as it may, I have helped companions construct PCs and place them in a cool place for appropriate adequacy. Envision small excavators tick ticking ceaselessly to help in profiting while the PC runs. Sounds sufficiently captivating to me! I likewise take a gander at cryptographic money in the feeling of betting. You can be excited,but must have persistence and comprehend that you will win a few and lose a few. You will have high points and low points! When winning on a reward level...don't be too speedy excessively spend (trade,exchange) it too rapidly. Like stocks..... numbers change in a snap of a finger so you can't think on feeling. We need to ponder how we will secure our ventures and discover approaches to profit. This helps me to remember "Steemit!" I recollect when relatively few individuals were a piece of this network. Presently individuals are pushing and pushing to be a piece of something extraordinary. I cherish being a piece of this blog and keep on casting a ballot on others to encourage them and myself. This is the main way we can keep on building steem control. I seem like such a geek at this moment, anyway I am glad for what I have realized hitherto and would like to proceed with this adventure is changing my life everyday!


Through Crypto you can earn more than and any other online earning platform. In these days people attach with the online earning websites. Their social media interaction increase  more than physical work. As we know Crypto is the future currency. So, Crypto also support different platform where people create content and make some money. In this way their lifestyle going to be change. Their social media interaction also increase and they use multi plate form for social interaction. but now Crypto support almost all kind of  social media platform. Crypto pay you if you spend your time on this website that's why people Desire are changed.

I give you my example.  Before joining Crypto platform like steemit blockchain. I mostly use Facebook Instagram and Twitter as well. But after joining the Crypto platform steemit. I always make content for steemit indifferent form. Crypto Support all platform video platform article writing platform picture platform whatever your skill. If you sell your skill through Crypto it's pay you more than other currency. 

These are some platform which based on crypto currency 

  • Steemit
  • Sacrum
  • Dlive

People have different kind of skill and different kind of interest. They just create content and they want some earning. Their interest are change and they think no need to waste your time on browsing and surfing on social media website. Because these website never pay like Facebook Twitter Instagram people use that website a long time. But when Crypto came into market people interest or change their social media interaction are change. when people attach with the cryptocurrencies supported website. They never leave theese website but  they almost leave previous social media activities because time is money. 

There are lot of ways you can earn crypto.

  • Mining
  • Against your content
  • Sell and purchase etc

Before joining Steemit I always use Facebook and my Facebook account and it  was 8 year old . But when I join steemit and spend one and half year on steemit and 10 hour in single day on steemit. If I calculate average time it's almost 6 hour in single day. I use steemit cryptocurrency base website. My lifestyle are changed due to cryptocurrency. After completed my Masters I have never source to continue my study. But due to Crypto base steemit platform. Now I am able to continue my studies and now I am doing  M Phil.

#  conclusion

Cryptocurrency almost change my life due to cryptocurrency my social media interaction are change. First I use Facebook Twitter but now I always you steemit platform. Before  join Steemeit  I am jobless but now I have work and earn through my content. Now I am doing M Phil it's because of cryptocurrency.  I am able to help other through cryptocurrency. cryptocurrency change my life. It's give value to my skill .

Image Source : https://pixabay.com


@Emrethewriter, In simple terms i can say that, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology in collaboration can bring the Financial Freedom and Financial Control and, if we see and if we deep dive into the subject of the Fiat money then we will going to understand that we don't have the ownership upon our own money inturn the banks are controlling it and they can ban it when they want to. But in case of Crypto, we have control over our own money.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Very simply  - Bitcoin )