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What country you would like to live in?

I love the atmosphere of the country in Asia, the tropical climate presents many beautiful natural scenery, now I live in Indonesia, Aceh precisely. The tropical climate in my province gives an almost similar picture to other Asian countries.

The culture of Eastern society seems suitable to settle down as I am, I'm used to the existing culture, and it's not that different from other neighboring countries in Asia.

Food is certainly Asian people like the types of vegetables, fish, meat and seafood, it's a food source that is very easy to find on mainland Asia, especially Southeast Asia which is rich in food sources. Indonesia itself is known as a territorial area that has a very wide ocean, abundant fish resources, of course, making my country as one of the sources of fresh fish in Southeast Asia.

Mainland, which has a tropical climate like mine, guarantees the growth of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, I don't need to be homesteading to get all my daily needs, so I think it's better to live in my own country that is rich in food sources and lives happily all the time with family.



The kingdom of Denmark has dependably been among the best recorded nations in positive changes. As indicated by Global Peace Index reports, Denmark is the fifth most joyful nation on the planet. In the ongoing past years, OECD positioned Denmark the world most joyful nation. 

For the third year running, Denmark has topped the outline as the minimum degenerate nation on the planet however shares the title with New Zealand this time.


I would love to live on Ireland. I don't know why but the natural beauty of the country attract me so much, I wish I could live there.

I never go there but have a plan to visit. I see the country side pictures, sea view and different kinds of flower in the movies and on YouTube. 

There was a time when I was in college I used to have my laptop wallpaper with a picture of a view of Ireland. Some times the sea, national Park, birds or flower. My friends used to make fun of me why I feel so attached to a place where I didn't go ever. And I answered them it is the natural beauty which attract me most. 

I secretly cherish the dream to go there and settled down in the country side of Ireland.