How can corruption be ended in nowadays?
nowadays if we open up a tv or any news media we would see a news related to corruption elsewhere in the world. Is there a possibility to clean the corruption totally. How can us the regular people put an end to this?

The only way is to make your vote count by showing you are unhappy.

The only reason corruption surfaces is the public don't get involved and demand for dismissals. They have been appointed to these positions by the public who voted the party to lead the government. If enough people asked for an inquiry or something was raised they couldn't ignore it as the public who supported them could turn their back on them.

The only reason why corruption is in all the governments around the world is that they feel they are above the law and the opposition parties contesting the elections are just too weak.

If laws changed that there would be jail time for such offences then maybe they would think twice.


I gay bring back public executions. That should make people think twice. I mean you are thinking about doing something shady and then you look out your window at the town square and see the gallows. Then you think to your self "nope".