Will ever Steemit make the "Undo resteem" Option?
I am curious to know if the Steemit Developers will give a chance for Steemians to undo their Resteem? Sometimes we make resteems accidentally and do not want to see them in our blog, but we can't and well thats not good..

This feature actually have been suggested by some notable Steemians in the past but one that is unlikely to be implemented (although it looks like we might see this feature once Hivemind is released according to TimCliff)

Image Source: https://github.com/steemit/condenser/issues/374

One issue of this feature is that it is possible for some users to take advantage of this one by doing: resteem, remove then resteem over and over again just to get the blog post appear on top of their followers news feed. (They are however at risk of losing their followers if they do that but it is possible.)

Based on this github link: https://github.com/steemit/condenser/issues/496 It looks like SteemitInc's approach on this issue was to settle for the "pop-up dialog box" style to hopefully eliminate the accidental clicking of the resteem button as seen on the image below.

I'm not sure about other platforms/dapps though if they followed SteemitInc's dialog box style but this definitely depends on how other front-ends handles this. XD


I completely understand what you are asking because I had accidentally resteemed a post.

To be fair, I can not tell if Steeminc is considering implementing that option.

Personally, I think we should rather not have this option or we can have the option along with some key or strict measures.

**Why NOT implement the option? **

1. Promote resteem accounts or bots

Some Steemians will come up with services which will turn to abuse the Steem ecosystem. For example, pay me 1 Steem and I will resteem your post for 24hours. Thus, the might be resteeming at intervals then later clear off the posts from the blogs.

2. Hide resteem

The hide resteem option present on steemit.com is of key importance. I believe one of the reasons why many Steemians do not like to resteem a post is because they feel it will mess up their blog especially if the post is centered around a topic that they never write about. Thanks to the "hide resteem", one can always filter out resteemed post to see the actual blog posts Steemians. This option makes "undo resteem" not very much a need.

**Proposals to implement the option**

If this feature has to be implemented, here are a few points to consider;

1. "undo resteem" should only work on resteemed posts that are older than 7 days.

2. For posts less than 7 days old, "undo resteem" should take up a good amount of voting power (VP) say 5% and/or a good amount of Resource Credit (RC). Better still, the amount of VP or RC needed to "undo resteem" a post should be reducing from when the post was made or resteemed to when it reaches payout.

This way, we can have minimum abuse of the feature.


The above statements are just my thoughts and suggestions, I am not sure many with agree to them.

Thank you!


I am just a regular steemian, not an expart one. But from my knowledge as the blockchain preserve all the data, so 'undo resteem' would be a long dream to achieve.

However, we all know that we want that one. Coz sometimes it's happen mistakenly, or sometimes we have to resteem certain thing to participate in a contest and after that we may want to delete it. Though there is an option to 'Hide resteem' in anyone's profile. But it serves another purpose. 

As steemit needed much more options to add on to the network to make it easy to use and 'Undo resteem' is one of them and a much needed one.

Developers are also maybe thinking on it. Wish that could add on steemit in near future.

**Stay bleassed.**


I did not think they would but then they made it so that we can go back and edit posts older than 7 days since the last hardfork so I would say it is very possible now. 


I am also curious to know if Steemit will make the undo resteem option because, often times, I get to resteem a post by mistake and before I shout "ouch", it has already been resteemed. If Steemit will make that button, it will be very helpful/useful especially for many of us who resteem by mistake.

And YES, I think Steemit developers should be working on making this button available. I am sure they should have thought about making it because it is needed.


To be fair I do not think that this will ever be a prioority for Steemit.

What I would like to see implemented will be the option of seeing someone's feed and having a button where you can check if you want to see just that persons own posts or all of the postst, including the ones that he resteemed.

I think that would be a nice little feature because some people who resteem a lot of posts can have their content basically hidden by resteems.