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What technology do you think we would need in the future?
A lot of innovations and new products are being creating in our daily life. What would you think should be improved more in our daily life or see some new invention that we would need mostly?

Since this is basically a Sci-fi question.

I would love if we invented a kind of Quantum Goo within my lifetime. 

Quantum Goo would be a substance that can be transformed, printed into nearly any kind of matter, and any kind of matter can be recycled into the Goo.

We would effectively enter a post-scarcity era where there's no need for human labor nor money. 

Everyone would just need a supply of the Goo, and if they need more, they just transform some of the stuff they already have. 

What would be the function of the government? Probably to supply the energy required to power all the Goo printers.

Yeah, the amount of energy required to transform matter on a global scale would be astronomical. 


I think we have a high need for "green" technology. 

It's my opinion that we should focus on preserving our planet first and foremost. We are making some amazing advancements in technology, at the expense of the health of the environment. 

If we shift focus a bit, there may still be time to reverse the damage we've already done. 



I would love to have the following two technologies:

A brainwave reader that automatically generates writing from my mind. I am a thinker who has too many ideas (usually the idea of making writing). Sometimes the idea comes up, for example, when I'm exercising in the gym. Or when I'm preparing to sleep. If there is a brainwave reader, I just need to put up the tech in my head, then the writings of my thoughts will be automatically written on the computer or cell phone without having to type manually.

number two I want tech a duplicate robot of my own self. related to my brain is too active. If I have some duplicate robots myself (like a clone), I can tell them to do my tasks, such as writing down ideas that I have, cleaning the house, shopping for groceries, and so on. While my real self -does whatever I want

With the advancement of AI technology now, it seems the two technologies above are not impossible to make. :)

Well, good luck