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How do you know who upvote your post on musing?
On steemit blog i can go to steemd or click on the colour white inverted V at the bottom of the post to know who Upvote my post.

Right now there are a number of Steem platforms which offers Notifications for upvotes, like Busy.org, ESteem and Partiko (Mobile app). One could even use the most popular notification service right now on Steem, GINABot for people who have a Discord account.

However not all people want to download an app or use other Steem platform. So probably the easiest way to check who upvoted your post here on musing is to check any Steem Block Explorers like Steemd.com, SteemDB.com and SteemBlockExplorer.com

The problem however is that if you are too active on Steem, you might get a lot of transactions in your block explorer. That is why if you only want to know who upvoted you on a specific post here on Musing, what you could do is:

  1. Take the url of your question/answer - Using this question as reference: https://musing.io/q/enm1/f3ufgss65
  2. Remove "https://musing.io/q/"
  3. Go to steemd.com/@ and add the cut the remaining url from Step 1 

For this one, the url will look like this: steemd.com/@enm1/f3ufgss65 and will redirect you to https://steemd.com/musing-threads/@enm1/f3ufgss65 to which you can now see who upvoted you.


There are several ways to know who upvote your post on Musing. You can follow any of the following method.

Steemit Post

When you make any post on Musing, it shows on Steemit. If you check your musing post on Steemit, you can see who upvote your post.



If you use GINAbot, you will get notification as soon as someone gives upvote on your musing post. And you will know who give you upvote.

From steemd.com 


Just put your steemti username after @. It will show you detail about who upvote your post. Not only upvote, you will get a lot of useful information from there.

Hope this answers your question.


You can't find who upvoted your post in musing via musing.io. You need to look into a Steem block explorer for that. For example, visit steemd.com and  navigate to steemd.com/@Enm1 (if you are not the OP then enter your username instead of Enm1).

Now you can see a full history of people who have voted for you, commented on your posts etc. You can then find the people who voted on your musing post by visiting the linked steemd entry.  


Here is a post on steemit I wrote about how to see who upvoted your question on musing.io using the steem blockchain (steemd.com): https://steemit.com/musing/@holovision/why-can-t-i-view-who-upvotes-a-user-s-question-on-musing-io


you can go to steemworld.org/@yourusername or steemd.org and both will tell you who voted for you and commented on your posts.


on the part of the musing site there is not or rather it has not been implemented until now but if you look there are many other applications and websites for this problem personally I like to use busy because through it you can observe the people who gave upvote to a post or comment.


To know who up voted your musing posts,  just go to the COMMENT tab on  steemit and click on the inverted v and you'll see it. 

Alternatively,  you could activate GINA bot and get a notification of every upvote you get on your posts as soon as they are made. 


You can know how has upvote on your blog by different ways such as:

1)Steemit:when you are writing any answer and it directly post on steemit account so directly goes to steemit account and click on the upvote button you will see who has given you upvote.

2)GINABOT:If you are following GINABOT then you will surely getting notification that what is going on your steemit account.it directly gives notification of upvotes ,comments,and many things in your mobile through notification.

3)From website like steem.com:In this website you will get proper answer that how much upvotes and who has given you upvotes at which time and on which days total things you will get from this link https://steemd.com/@username