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What can I do for 10 minutes every day that will change my life?

Heroin. Theft. Vandalism.

Or random acts of kindness. Meditation. Exercise.

Or any of thousands of other things, with either destructive or constructive consequences.


Meditation and Affirmation


Every day presents us with an opportunity to become better and change the course of our destiny for the ultimate good of mankind.

To propel this expectation into reality. It's crucial and necessary that we consider our daily activities, the totality of our actions and decision making.

This is because changing our lives everyday for the better has much more to do with what we do everyday than having the thought.

Someone once said that our actions determines our habit, our habits form our behaviour, our behaviours form our character, and our character defines and drives our life.

Therefore what we do everyday has a potency of affecting our spiritual, physical, financial, academic, emotional, psychological and social well being.

Amongst many other things, what I can do everyday for ten minutes that can change my life is exercise. Creating time every morning to do a special type of exercise can have a rewarding effect on my life. If only I commit to it.

Doing press up or push up every morning will help keep me fit, burn excess calories and give a refreshing feeling of preparedness for the day to my body and soul.

It will also help to develop my muscles and give a beautiful shape to my abs. Asides the physical benefits of doing a particular exercise everyday for ten minutes, there's also a psychological benefit.

Keeping up with morning exercise everyday for ten minutes will give me an ethereal feeling of accomplishment that if I could do that consistently for ten minutes that I can equally achieve every other set goals I have for the day.

However, Consistency is key towards deriving true benefits that accompanies with keeping fit daily through excersice and other cardio activities.


I suggest you "read" for 10 minutes everyday because reading books can actually change your life for good. There is a popular saying which states that "readers are leaders". It is also proven that most successful people of today were great readers because reading itself can make you successful at anything you do.

Reading also adds more to your knowledge and experience in life just like Isaac Newton says that "I am able to see the whole world by standing on the shoulders of giants". This means that he was able to acquire more knowledge and experience about life by "reading". Reading will take you to big and different places if it's done properly and it will surely open many doors of opportunities for you.

Most psychologist all concluded that it takes 3-4 weeks to form a new habit. If you read books for 10 minutes every day, reading will surely be part of you and it will surely impact your life positively which automatically changes your life.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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Exercising would be the most practical thing to do. A few more minutes and I would recommend reading something you're not familiar with daily. 


Extremely useful for loud singing and laughing aloud - within ten minutes, a lot of good emotions and vitamin C creation for yourself.

Reading is good, as is sporting, using more water procedures, the most healthy work in the garden, it connects you with nature. To develop your soul - to learn another language and cultural heritage unknown to you. 

We always keep what is closer to us.