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What causes heartburn and acidity?

Heartburn is a burning feeling that is felt in the throat or chest.

It is caused when the stomach acid goes back up into the esophagus which is the tube that carries food into the stomach.

Most times the burning pain occurs in the night. This is because some people eat spicy foods and often sleep or lay on their bed after eating. This increases the risk of heart burn. Onions, chocolate, carbonated beverages or alcohol can induce heartburn.

Heartburn can be treated by use of antacids and eating dinner early.

Acidity is also known as Acid reflux and it is related to heartburn. Remember I said stomach acid goes back to the esophagus. That is acidity. It is caused by stress, spicy foods, onions and so on.

Normally when you take this foods, the gastric glands in the stomach produce gastric acids to digest the food. When the production is too much, Acidity occurs


Heartburn is actually acid reflux when the acid in your stomach comes further up your gullet towards your throat.

Firstly and most importantly, Im not a doctor. If you have persistant heartburn or acid reflux, see a doctor.

100% true story.,A friend of mine had persistent acid reflux problems and kept taking overnthe counter medicines even though we all told him to see a doctor. 6 months later he was dead from stomach cancer. His name was also Martin and he was a mate of mine. His ashes are scattered at Elland road as he was a huge Leeds fan too.

The main cause of simple heartburn are spicy foods, alcohol, large fatty meals before bedtime and smoking. All these can be triggers, but again there can be more serious underlying causes so if over the counter remedies aren't helping. GET A FULL CHECK UP FROM A DOCTOR.

Good luck and I hope it clears up cos I know it can be an uncomfortable annoyance !


Many people experience stomach acid or heartburn problems when the stomach produces too much acid. This can be a serious problem when gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, develops, causing frequent heartburn or acid indigestion. Changing your diet or lifestyle can help reduce or eliminate excess stomach acid. some of the causes responsible for increased acid production in the stomach.

Great Food

Eating Large meals can cause excessive production of stomach acid. The Cleveland Clinic recommends eating small meals and eating slowly to give food time to digest. Common foods that cause excess acid production include fat or fried foods, tomato-based products, citrus fruits, garlic and onions.


Losing weight can reduce stomach acid production for people who are overweight. Too much weight on the stomach increases the risk of symptoms of acid reflux. Pregnancy Can cause symptoms of transient digestive acid, but the problem usually disappears immediately after delivery.


You might think that drinking milk will calm your stomach, especially during sleep, but milk can cause the stomach to produce excess acid during sleep, Milk can have a rebound effect and encourage more gastric acid secretion, sometimes causing heartburn at midnight.


Caffeine Encourages stomach acid production. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine, including coffee or soda.


Smoking contributes to acid production by relaxing the lower esophageal sphincter, which then allows stomach acid to return to the throat, Smoking also irritates the stomach lining.


Alcohol causes an increase in stomach acid production by irritation in the stomach lining.