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Why social media is becoming so addictive for everyone?

Because it is engineered to be addictive by thousands of experts of psychology and UI design and implemented by world-class software engineers. Some of the best engineering talent and behavioral expertise is harnessed to keep us scrolling in clicking ahead whenever we have a moment available at the bus stop, on the bus, while sitting on the toilet seat, at home after work, waiting for our order in a restaurant etc. etc. It's the attention economy the purpose of which is to maximize the number of eye pairs on advertisements associated with whatever content the user wants to consume. 

It has gone as far as to have Facebook developing brain-computer interfaces that would allow users to write messages by merely thinking about the words and to use augmented reality pointers. While that technology may be the future and have some immediate uses to make a world of difference in the lives of severely debilitated people, the implications of those technologies are downright scary. 

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/apr/19/facebook-mind-reading-technology-f8


There are probable few reasons that is attracting a lot of people in Social Media, such as : 

  • They are getting much more information than they need in SM
  • This Virtual world is giving them a lot then they can get in real life
  • Some even use it to get focus or attract other people towards them
  • We get to make countless numbers of friends in Social medias which allows us to feel much more valuable compared to our real life.
  • One other thing is that almost happens to most of the users "That person is using it, so Why should not I use it"
  • Some people use it for commercial purpose and it brought them a lot of success as well
  • Some uses for the purpose of helping others through the social medias.

Well for better or not Social Medias have become a part of our life.

This is one of the most interesting question to answer. I guess, it is due to invention of the Smart Phone and Facebook and the urge to be liked. One of the reason is social validation. Getting likes or those emojis make us feel good physiologically. There is this fear of missing out on the latest trends.

There is the self ego which social media platform gives us that feeling of self disclosure which lets user center the world around themselves which makes them feel really good as they can show off some of their interesting talents and skills or even things that they perceive others would go.

It also extends our offline world. This can let one to feel less lonely as there are many others out there.

Social media is proving to be very helpful in enhancing the business and it has become very easy for people to make a conscious issue and to take their views on a social issueFacebook is an important face of social media, on which its old friend can be found, which has not been met for years, and can be linked to his friends through Facebook and WhatsApp made by our daily needs, by making a group Things can be shared and messages can be delivered very quickly.

Similarly, a social site like Linkedin has become a better source of job. More than 89% of new people are employed using Linkedin and company websites. Through the tweeter, the talk, ideas and suggestions of people of every level connected with the country and the world get a chance to learn through very few words.

The fastest and easiest way to reach an important news, to many people, is to become a fast and easy way to use social media, which every person uses according to their need, hobbies and comfort. This social media has made access to this great world easier, only then is there any person in the corner of the world, every person is aware of certain places, things or events. It can be said that the whole world has come through social media.

But through the same social media, the distances have come too much and this is a big loss in the losses due to which in the tune of connecting with the world, we started cutting ourselves, surrounded by the surroundings and people, and got closer to the world. And also distance from the ones
Apart from this, when using social media, it does not even seem to be addicted to it. Being more active on this leads to less concentration and the brain feels tired and stress.

In this context, a recent study published in the journal 'Neuro Regulation' is a warning. According to research, having too much involvement with social media is causing a change in the behavior of a person. Digital media addiction is deeply impacting our biological responses. This addiction, which is isolating the society and the environment, is causing many mental and physical diseases. Some time ago, researchers at the University of California also said that the social media is being adversely affected by the social media.
Since we are the Generation Z, a generation where every child from a very tender age already has a gadget to access the Internet, it is very easy to be influenced by what we see on the Internet since parents aren't there to always monitor what their teenagers are doing.
Social media is becoming more addictive became of smart phone and easy access to the Internet, almost everyone use smart phone and are addicted to the phone making it easy to get addicted to anything one can easily access with the phone.
You have a great question social media is so much addictive for everyone because I whole world even a small kids also have a face account and a Instagram account for else they are using a what's app.

Social media is some time helpful to everyone likes when any news comes in our village then we share our pepole who are living in our village and they also share thing to other then we get a proper news in small interval of time so sometimes social media is beneficial in today life.

When small kids who are using social media for routine life then it would very bad and it will directly effect on our brain and we cannot leave the cellphone and we always remain online on a social media.

There are various social media are there such as Facebook,Instagram,WhatsApp ,we chat ,hike ,telegram and many more are there but we should remain away from that so we can not became the addictive of social media.
What is social media?

The name is truly plain as day. It is a method of correspondence, either with pictures or words, with outsiders. It causes one "collaborate" and "offer thoughts" with obscure people.

So… for what reason is it so addictive and how is it so unsafe?

Well… people are social creatures, and who doesn't prefer to be valued, by others of their kind?

In this way, when individuals like Check Zuckerberg were contriving approaches to concoct a media which can devour most extreme number of one's chance, they dug further into the brain science of the astonishing human personality. This is the point at which they understood/went over the inexplicable impacts of DOPAMINE-the "vibe great" hormone.

This is a similar hormone which is discharged when one smokes/devours liquor/opiate drugs like coccaine, courageous woman and so forth and even Sugar! This is a similar hormone that makes one need a greater amount of those things, and they get snared on to them easily!

Presently when you get a compliment from somebody… it normally can rest easy… and you got it right… it's the impact of DOPAMINE! Moreover, when somebody's likes your post/reply (even on Quora), or remarks on your answer… your cerebrum gives you another shot of dopamine!

This is the thing that influences you to continue returning to it.

Presently dopamine is addictive, and youthful personalities of young people can't deal with it… which is a similar motivation behind why there is an age limitation on smoking or devouring liquor. In any case, there is shockingly none on utilizing web based life.

An adolescent personality is exceptionally mouldable, and the more dopamine it gets, the more troublesome it is for it to leave the source! A noteworthy reason being, it isn't develop enough to reason the privilege from wrong, particularly when they have a green light from their folks to enjoy utilizing internet based life.

Which is the reason it's pivotal for guardians to understand the unsafe impacts of online life, and how it's a noteworthy diversion.

Other than that, credulous young people uncover their security, by sharing private and individual points of interest and even wrong photos with outsiders. Which is a to a great degree immense hazard.

Would you give all your data to a man in the city in the event that you just met him? No right… that is exceedingly preposterous… so why share it on a social stage, where numerous individuals have simple access to it!