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What do you tell yourself every morning as you start the day?

Our self image is very important. We are as good as we believe we are.

The most important thing for growth is developing a healthy self-image. People may praise you, clap for your achievements, compose songs to sing your praise but if you don't feel adequate in your mind, it's all noise making.

So, when I wake up in the morning, I tell myself that the lion has woken up. See, the lion is the king of the jungle and every other animal falls in line when she awaken. The lions sees every other animal as meat irrespective of how talk [giraffe), how wide (elephant) the animal is. That's what I tell myself that I am.

I also remind myself that I am the best person in the world. The creator never made anyone to be netter than me. I am his nest work, his most prized handiwork.

I tell myself that I deserve the best things that life has to offer. Nothing is too big for me to get and no goal too much big to achieve.

I tell myself that nations are coming to lend from me soon. That I'm rich, wealthy and prosperous.

I tell myself that I am God's latest and His limited edition. There has never been, never will be anyone like me.


I don't really have anything I "say", in the sense of waking up and then looking myself in the mirror and muttering words, lol, but I do have things I always like to have in mind and ruminate upon as I wake up everyday, and even if I don't "say" them to myself consciously out loud, I always like to have them at the back of my mind, even if unconsciously.

So here they are:

1. Be Productive

Time really flies. It's amazing to me sometimes how fast my day goes. One second I'm waking up the next I look at the time and see it's already night. And there's nothing, I tell you, that gets me as riled up as when this happens. You look back on the week and see you haven't even gotten anything done and it just sucks.

This is why I always try to make it a point at the back of my mind every time I wake up to be conscious of every second that passes and try to make it count. This is not to say that it might not still happen and I might not still end up not getting anything done for the whole day, but at least this way I'd be as conscious as I can and I would know the factors that caused my inactivity, as long as it isn't that I was not conscious and time passed and caught me napping.

2. Face The Day With Equanimity

Another thing I always like to have at the back of my mind is to never lose my cool. Because obviously situations will happen that might shake me, but equanimity is a trait I value so much and I believe that facing problems with a calm and collected outlook is the first step to giving a satisfactory solution to those problems.

Related to this again is to never get angry when people rile me up. And I think I've mastered this to a point, but of course it's an art you can't learn too much, which is why I must always drum it into mind every single day.

3. Get Some Writing or Reading Done

This is again related to not achieving anything. This is the surest way to make sure I look back on the day with satisfaction at the way the day went.

I normally don't try to put a cap or estimate to the number of words I get down in a day, and tge satisfaction I get is no way related to the word count, but to the quality. Which is why I may get just five hundred word written and still be extremely satisfied with the way the day has gone. Because those words might be the important ones I haven't been able to get down for a long while.

4. Have as Much Fun

This is also just as important XD because for me fun is a major achievement, especially since my life is such a remarkably boring one, and if I didn't remind myself to, I may never do a single fun thing all day.

So these are some of the things I keep in my mind when waking up every morning. Cheers.


It is a new start for me and I really thank My Almighty that I am awaken with good health and everything that I have is for the Grace of my Almighty.

Everyday is a blessing to me and everyday is a new opportunity for me so that I can make a very good use of it and I shall make it worth it with my work and my talent.

We should not waste any single moment and use up every moment that we can have in for everyday. Who knows we might not get another day to stay well and healthy.


Every morning always tell myself this 2 BE and A DO:

1.  Be thankful

I believe that every new day is a new beginning, and I must thank God for that. The problems may come and go, but a new day means a new hope. Many people are not lucky as me, so I must to be thankful also for this fact.

2.  Be myself

Be myself in doing everything, be an original person, keep holding my core values.

3. Do my best

I will try to do the best with all may happened this day and let God do the rest.


I always ensure that i tell myself in my own words "i will willingly make it" i say that to motivate myself that i will succeed in life..


Every morning when I wake up I have a routine. I go to the toilet then come out and say my prayers, iron my clothes, have my bath and dress up for work. When I stand in the mirror after I'm dressed up and ready to go I simply say to myself, "Girl you are beautiful. Go and do great exploit. Today is yet another day. Do not allow anyone make you angry today, you alone hold the power to your happiness"

Anyway, I only say this on the days I wake up with positive energy. Days I wake up with negative energy, I just want to get the day over and done with and I don't bother trying to cheer myself up or admire how I look. Besides I always hurry to work. No time for long talks to self.


The universe has seized for you to have the capacity to wake up to see this new day and you're fortunate.

So recall those things you have needed to do?

You ought to go do them.

Gratefulness is an extremely sound practice. Energy about self, life and the entire of universe in itself.


Remind regular that you are mortal! You will pass on one day. Think about death and work on your morals. you see you will stir without further ado all the junk that is going on in your psyche will be suspended. And furthermore mull over life and what is god, creation,purpose of all the religion. Not with your specific peculiarities but rather with receptive outlook and heart which don't put stock in anything nor skepticism however mindful, tuning in with all your inclusion. Make your quietness nearness a beacon of shrewdness and love.