Which one is more stressful, going to school and working ?

I say different level, different devil.

The stress Experienced at school May not be the same as that at work, but at that particular point in your life, that was the devil you had to defeat and move on to a level with a different challenge.

Some may argue that school was less stressfulas all you had to worry about are studies, friends etc, with no real financial obligations but as at that level, that's what i was trying to achieve and that is what mattered, and can't be compared to now when i am much grown and Experienced , fighting devils at this elevated level. I hope you get what i mean.

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In my case in both of the cases was the same. I am the kind of person that stresses himself pretty easy and I remember that almost all of my school years I had something to be stressed about, especially in high-school. 

Then after I graduated and went to college I wasn't that stressed anymore about school, but I was more about work. I started working and I also begun having responsibilities and there were also many days when I was stressed about something. 

And that's how it went for years. I do believe that stress during school can't be compared with the stress you have when you are working. During school you have your parents to support you and provide you with anything you need but once you begin working you are on your own. 

Thus the stress that one might feel after he stared working is significantly "heavier" in my opinion than the one during school. Looking back at school time I realize that most of the things I stressed myself about were absolute nonsense and don't matter at all anymore. Stress can kill though and the best thing would be to not be stressed either way. It is also our own creation. 

Stress is not created by external factors, but only by our own mind, fears and interpretations thus it is also in our own hands to control them and deal with stress "like pros". That's how I see it. 


Depends what you're training to be, and what kind of Job you'd be working.

In general, Work is more stressful. 

For a simple reason too.

When you study, you're not really taking any responsibility on your shoulders.

Even with bad grades you can be a successful person in an adult life.

But at work, you're financially responsible for the things you do.

One mistake may put you at a great financial risk.

Even get you homeless.

To skip a dinner to buy vodka for that party you're having with your friends at collage, is very different than skipping dinner so the electric company don't cut off your power.

And that's just Single people problems.

You might start a family, and maintaining a family of your own is at least double the expense and responsibility than just taking care of yourself.

Stress is a relative thing, you cannot say that a rich person have no stress compared to a poor person, those things don't compare.

The same you cannot say that school is not stressful to some, because working is so much worse.

Yeah, you probably going to hate both.

I would probably choose going back to school than working if I had a choice to do one.

Unfortunately, I studied and held on to a job at the same time. 

Now, that's stressful!


I would say that both choices have a tendency to become really stressful and it also depend on what kind of situation you are in.

So, let me just limit the scenario to the tasks that you have to accomplish each day. In between the two choices, I feel more stress at school. Mainly because of the variety of things that I need to accomplish like assignments, test, research, study, listening to lectures and so on. It's really hard to cope-up with it.

While at work, I might end-up doing a single major task for my entire career and I could be expert on it. The adaptation will be a lot easier since I only to focus on a single task.

IMHO, the only stressful facet of work is having a "boss", haha. But not the work itself :)


Afcos on work . 

But its depend upon people desire what they like most . People and different habits and desire for satisfaction .Stress is opposite of relaxation  So where people feel relaxation that is their chaise.

If i talk about my self i like school because at that time i have not much common sense and i not feel much about happiness and stress . 

SO according to this situation school time was best we have lot of unbeneficiary friends always play study chit chat etc with no tension.

So know we have sense and we loss our relaxation and convert into stress.


LOL, XD, interesting question.

School is never stressful. It's the most fun activity in my life.

Working, hmm,,, yes it's stressful when i have to catch the Deadline.


How about working and going to school in the same time? Working in the morning and going to school in the afternoon. Did I answer your question?