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Do we always have to depend on someone to succeed in life?

Not at all. Depending on someone only gives you a mentality of a poor person and as well suppress our ability to what we should have been able to do. No man who really wants to be successful depends on another for his success, it's like saying "there is nothing I can do" . no man likes a liability

The attitude of depending on someone for success as not only affected an individual, it has also affected a country as a whole , because it keeps breeding men who are not productive and are jobless, thus increasing the poverty rate of a particular country.

One who keeps depending never makes anything of his own, he keeps hoping on another and most times get disappointed and never increased his mental ability for productivity


I don't think you can really succeed without the others in consideration. If someone is success in what the person does, in my personal point of view, that person is the proponent of success. Behind that person's success are direct and indirect support to that person's success.

Even the greatest leaders of all time have their own advisers that are helping them in their decision making. These are the people that are making things clearer for you so that you can make a better decision or come up to a solution on your obstacles.

On the other hand, for a person to be successful are ideologies or inspiration from previous successes that he/she used to achieve the goal. It is something that I would say indirect dependencies. Without it, we will have no direction towards success.

To close my answer, let me highlight that "No man is island". We can never achieve success alone.


No. Surely there are people who had support and help to achieve success, good for them. But there are also people who have achieved success on their own and without the help of others. The fact that you have support may make the path easier, more harmonious and even more entertaining. Your whole environment will play in your favor to make you grow and succeed. But unfortunately not everyone has a path full of flowers but thorns. There are people who still have problems, going through thousands of vicissitudes, being alone, go ahead. Suddenly these people may cost more time to reach their goal or may come with more injury and has fallen many times, but only with their effort and without the help of anyone, could get ahead. I think that's what it's like to jump with pride. 

It's not that you have to despise people's help. Never! What I put in the balance is how there are people who don't let themselves be crippled by anything and knocked down by no one, and beyond all expectations, the hostile and limiting environment in which they can live, they achieve success. That is worthy of admiration and example.  

What's more, the fact that you have help and you have everything is no guarantee that you will succeed. Success has nothing to do with what you carry next to you, but with what you carry within yourself, the material with which you are made. 


Not at all. The most successful people in life, in my opinion, haven't ever been dependent on anyone. By success I am not referring only to money because there are young kids with lots of money from their parents, but that kind of wealth is definitely dependent of someone and that someone is their parents. 

Another important thing that I am taking into account regrading your question is that very often when you depend on someone and put your success in the hands of that person you might get disappointed. I was in this situation about ten years ago when I was talking with a friend of mine to find me a hob in Sweden and I made myself a lot of hopes for that but after a few months he told me that he can't help me anymore and I was really disappointed. 

That's one example of how putting my success in the hands of others was not a good idea. Then there is one more thing. Very often to achieve success you might go through many failures and when you depend on someone you will find very easy that someone to blame for your failure. Thus, when you do everything on your own and rely only on yourself for your own success you can't be disappointed by anyone and you also can't blame anyone for your failures. It's just you all the way and it's all your merit. No one will come and claim it or ask for a share of it.