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Can you sacrifice love for money?

I think it is not fair to sacrifice love for money. And especially if it is true love, I will definitely not go about sacrificing true love for the sake of money. There are several ways in this world to earn money but a true love is difficult to get and it takes lots of efforts to sustain true love. We cannot sacrifice it for anything. 

In other words I would say that I might sacrifice money for love. If I have to sacrifice all my money to lead a happy life with my love, I think it can be easier for me. But of course there will never be a situation where we have to sacrifice money for the sake of love. 


No, I can't. Love means much more than money. Love is hard to find, money is something you can make. I'm not the type to choose wealth over love just to buy nice things for myself. I'd always choose love, even though some people would walk away from love if they could get a big check. 

If you have love, you can overcome difficulties in life, can resolve problems and live a happy life even though you don't have everything. Money on the other hand can't buy love, nor happiness. 


You can....if it makes you happy...


I strongly believe that Love is truly the most beautiful and amazing experience. It is involuntary .. love is not just a simple attraction but it is also an Attachment too...

love is not about the distance but it is about the connection.. love is the major essence of life. Love is the true strongest emotion... love is actually selfless, love is also passionate, love is also unconditional, love is self enhancing,,love is forgiving, love is understanding, love is togetherness ,love is completeness. Love really makes you to be a better person....

well as for money,Money is the actual thing which each of us really struggle everyday to get....

The first major dream that most of all see is to become actually successful, to really have our major dream job, to be able to have the opportunity to actually live a very much decent lifr and also a good happy life...

People that often quote “Money cannot buy happiness".. well materialistic things aint truly happiness,i Agree with that to some extent but also money solves alot of problems.....

MY VERDICT: i will never sacrifice love for money...but guess what??i will also never sacrifice all my money for love......sorry if i sound weird...