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Is it right to ask good question on musing without been paid ?

Yes, it is ok to ask questions, and answer questions without being rewarded on musing.

The purpose to use musing, is to exchange information with other users on the Steem blockchain. It's primary focus is to act as an information source, where people can inquire, and people can help. It's as simple as that, and it's well understood with the majority of users, that reward, is merely incentive for using the platform. 

If you are here to earn upvotes, it will become obvious to the musing staff, and likely will have a detrimental effect on your rewards. Just do your best to try to add value to the platform, and it's highly likely that you will be rewarded accordingly. This is the best advice I can think to give you, based on my experience with the platform. 

I hope this answer helps. 


If your primarily aim is to get the answer of your question then I don't think this question should be asked here.

If your primarily aim is to get paid, then you may have a predetermined mentality to ask question, which may or may not be a question in reality.

Nonetheless good question has been and will always be recognized by musing curators.



Yes you should not expect to be paid for answers or questions. That is the wrong attitude to have.

If you just expect then you are in the wrong place. I have written hundreds of answers with a high percentage going unpaid. Sometimes like a post on Steemit it could go unseen or just missed due to the sheer volume.

We all hope to be rewarded for out efforts but we don't expect it.



Maybe you are talking out of frustration or desperation I don't know.

But I don't think questions are Upvoted based on the fact that they are only good. Musing has their own criteria for marking a question as good, brilliant, creative, and so on.

Also, may be because you are the one who has been asking the questions, it will definitely appear as good to you but it may be just a normal question to many other persons.

Apart from this, it may be better and wiser to stop posting questions and even answers with the sole intent of receiving Upvotes because it hurts when you start expecting upvote for a question or answer and you are not given.

Therefore, I think your question might be a little bit flawed in some of the words used.