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What can you use to measure success in one's life?

It all depends what you measure success against.

There are so many aspects you could judge against and be successful in all but one and be a total failure.

Health. For me is the most important as without health you have nothing.

Love. being able to share your success with someone is key.

Wealth. Showing what you have achieved. It is not the most important for me but most people would judge wealth as the key.

Career. Are you good at what you do. Do you enjoy it.

These are all important gauges of what you are doing and are you successful. You have to live your life and happiness is the paramount of  a successful person. If you have inner happiness with life then you are doing it right and everything else is a bonus.

Some people find this late in life but at least they find it. Others find wealth but have no happiness. To get the mix of all of them is rare so health and happiness are my key ones that I think should be the gauge.


Success, to me, is measured not by then amount of wealth one has accumulated but by the lives that have been impacted.

Many people judge success but the number of cars, shoes, houses and the likes but that's not it. Success is about impact.

Success is impacting the world with the investment of your personality.

It's in trying to see that the things you have learnt, have spent your time achieving us passed to other people. That's true success.

Also, success is leaving the world a better place than we met it. There fact is that's everyone can do something in a way that none other can. If one can effectively channel his or her potential towards ensuring that things get better, he can be said to be successful.

Successful people have a record of lives impacted whether by their inventions or words. Without these, an individual cannot be said to have succeeded.


Success in Life!

The most acceptable thought one ought to have at each the times; Before attending to bed everyday and on Death bed. the previous helps you to own a positive answer throughout latter.

Ground rules to live it :

Quality and amount of

Happiness one has in his/her life.


Love (Give & Take).

Finances (Sufficient to steer a cushty life).

Relations (Family & Social ).

Respect in Society.

Helping angle (People UN agency have feeling towards you for your help).


Happiness :

To measure success one in every of the foremost vital side to think about is, however happy you're in your whole life. Happiness impacts a great deal on state of mind. State of mind is that the key for all of your actions you are taking in your whole life.

Health :

More the health, a lot of the happiness. So, perpetually pay attention of your health.

Love :

Everyone deserves Love and it involves each showering and receiving. So, Live the life that is stuffed with Love. Life is just too short to hate; “Spread Love”.

Finances :

I will’t say a lot of concerning this because it is totally different for various individuals however what i can say of course is “Finances is one in every of the vital issue to live success however undoubtedly not the sole one issue to live success in life.”

Relations :

Life is choked with Relations. we have a tendency to square measure social animals. So, while not relations there's not a lot of left during this life for United States of America to try and do. whether or not it's Family, Friends or acquaintances you have got your own role to play and have your share of happiness from these individuals.


I don't think it's any measurement logic for that. Since we are unique every and each of us measures success in his/her own way. For some being successful means to have multi billion dollars in the bank accounts and businesses to continue that influx while for others success might be a net full of fish to feed the family. I think that we are as successful as we feel we are and not as much as the ones around us are saying or weighing us. For me the greatest success that one can achieve is to be healthy, to work with passion, have a loving family and a place where he really feels like home. That's what I call success, but for some others that might be mediocrity and that's the reason why I think there isn't any international standard to measure success. It might be better described as a combination of factors that make you wanna get out of bed every morning and live the life at its fullest.