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Is it true that having more sex makes you younger ?

If it was true than prostitutes would live longer than any other human. But no statistically significant data can be found that can support this claim.

But it is true that sex is believed to be the best workout possible. It is healthy up to a certain amount and trying out different positions is quite similar to doing various sets of crunch squat and etc. And when you workout your body becomes immune to many diseases.

And The hormones released during an intercourse does have anti-ageing effects but only for the skin and body. And there are data that can support only this part of the claim. But if by younger you mean living longer than im not sure if that would be true


Makes sense! If we consider that having sex gives us pleasure and if you are stressed, sex is a great stress reliever. Then we might think that the more sex we have, the more relaxed and happy we will be, and this will surely be reflected in our countenances. As far as I know, sexual intercourse floods the brain with all the chemicals that produce a sense of well-being and, on the other hand, reduces levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for generating stress in us. Dopamine, which impacts the brain's pleasure and reward centers; endorphins, which mitigate pain and stress; and oxytocin, also known as the mime hormone, are released during sex and their highest levels are experienced upon orgasm. It is also known that in the sexual act we sweat, which helps us to throw away the accumulated toxins and leave the skin cleaner and brighter. Each sexual session is a time of physical activity which also affects our health and our appearance. It's like exercising, but in bed. When we talk about youth, perhaps we are not talking about a physical aspect, but also, if not an attitude to life. Surely a person who has sexual relations daily will have a better disposition and attitude to life.  He will be more relaxed, happier and this will be noticed on his face. Then a frequent dose of sex not only gives you pleasure, it also makes you younger! Point for sex.


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Apparently, often making love (S3x) is indeed able to keep us young. Here are some reasons:

1. The Skin Becomes More Luminous

Frequent  s3x relationships actually improve your immune system and can improve  blood circulation, which both contribute to displaying light and  brightness on your skin.

In addition, frequent love also increases estrogen levels in women which prevents excessive dry skin so that women look older.

2. Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Often making love can actually reduce stress levels and anxiety in the body.

Being intimate can reduce stress and anxiety.

When the body experiences stress, it can be the main trigger for premature aging. Furthermore, when making love you can release hormones like oxytocin and dopamine which are known to be useful to reduce stress levels.

3. Make Your Body Muscles Become Healthier

Having s3x twice a week also indicates that your body is physically active.

Well, besides that when making love requires you to move and do a handful of efforts that involve your muscles.

Some  experts also state that sex increases the release of human growth  hormone in women which can help them increase muscle mass. This applies if You often exercise and eat foods that are rich in nutrients. 


Eastern sages have often said it’s unwise for a man to blow his load too often - 1 drop of semen requiring 100 drops of blood, can deplete his vital energy reserves quick, thus NOT an appropriate route to life extension.

On the other hand, not EVERY single body is the exact same, thus rarely any one-size-fits-all advice.

Type of sex and with whom would factor in, too - the energetically play a big role. i.e. it’d be a much different situation if that sex was with one intimate partner in a healthy relationship, than with many different strangers in dysfunctional dynamics...


Studies conducted on other mammals such as mice, show that access to sex, along with some other Life style, diet, and environment factors actually reduce the lifespawn of an individual.

Not to say that People are identical as mice.

But it does tell us that to stay young longer is not necessarily worth it.