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What do you think about smoker women?

There is nothing wrong with Women who smokes.  The addiction to smoking is not bias to gender and therefore should not be treated differently. 

Having said this, there are people who sees women who smokes and quickly judges them as being a women of the night / slut / cheap as its been portrayed in movies. However this has changed over the years and you can start seeing more women who smokes in high income country including countries such as USA, Australia and most of western Europe.  In countries where the average income is low, you would not see as much women smokers. 

There are a lot more women who picked up this smoking habits due to social factors and also the tobacco industry has found that making cigarettes like the "virginia slims"  and marketing it to the females has been extremely profitable. 

So coming back to the main question of what I think about women who smokes ? Its the same as what I think of men who smokes .. its just an addiction which has devastating effects on the human body.  

I was a smoker and have been off "cigarettes" for 3 weeks now.  Trying my absolute best to stay away from the urge to pickup a stick ! 

Cheers !



I do not have any particular bias against women who smoke, I actually think they look very independent, being that smoking was for a while reserved to men and women were looked down upon if they smoked, so female smokers have this air of rebelliousness that some people may find appealing. I do have a biased against smoking in general. I just can’t tolerate cigarette or tobacco smoke. I am allergic to it and I just find it pointless.

That being said, I respect those who do it because they feel it is cool or because they feel they can’t help it. Whether they are male or female does not make any difference to me, as longs as they are tactful enough to know when they are being abusive with non-smokers’ right not to be affected by their vice.

I do not know if there is some sort of psychological pattern that characterize female smokers. I have not given too much thought to that. Actually, now that I think about it, I know very few women (friends or relatives) who smoke. My elder sister used to smoke, and she always did it surreptitiously, which, of course, made me think she was committing some kind of crime. My mother used to smoke when she was in her 40s. She shared a cigarette with my father after lunch or before going to bed. It was supposed to be something relaxing, part of a casual conversation, private and done by responsible adults. That is pretty much the image I recorded of women smoking when I was little. My parents were my idols regarding quitting smoking. They just decided one day they did not need to do that anymore, I think because they wer getting too expensive, and they just stopped smoking, for good.

As I grew up, went to college, etc. I noticed that Venezuelan women who smoke are in the minority. They feel rejected, I guess, by most groups. I am not sure if that is because smoking in general is not well seen (the smell, health issues involved, etc.) or because women smoking are seen as bad women. When I went to the states I realized that women (not sure if that’s typical of college campus population) smoked more (as much as men) and they did not show any guilt for doing it. They did not have to hide it. I, in any case, have nothing against them, as long as they do not smoke in my face.  


Smoking is not good in general, regardless of gender. I don't see why smoker women should be judged separately.

Smoking can be addictive and can affect your health very badly. Can cause lung cancer, respiratory diseases, heart problems and a serious other health problems.

I've been a smoker for many years although wasn't able to smoke more than four cigarettes a day. I used to smoke due to stress, at least that's what I was telling myself. One day I said I don't need cigarettes any more and have it up. Now I only see the bad side of it.

Women or men, it doesn't matter, it's bad for your health. It only matters in one case, if the woman is pregnant. Pregnant women should definitely stay away from smoking! Smoking can harm the fetus. However, I've seen pregnant women smoking. 


I will not lie, before traveling abroad and seeing things from a different perspective, i used to be one of those who'd castigate women smokers, this could have been because smoking is not a common thing amongst women where i come from, it was more of a man thing to do.

And then i came to the Philippines, mixed wuth different cultures like The Papua New Guineas and with western, more open minded friends that would sneak out for a "boogie" every other hour and my mind set drifted.

What a man can do, a woman most especially in this time and age can do too.

More so, its not like the lung cancer and terminal Illnesses that are a result of long term smoking are gender biased affecting the women more than the men,, they are all affected equally, therefore, there should not be any differenceon how we see a woman who smokes Vs a man that does the same. They are all Smokers.


My opinion makes no difference between a male smoker and a female smoker.. Smoking is harmful to the health of both men and women.  I do not understand how smokers knowing the damage it causes continue with this vice. It is very unpleasant to approach a smoker, whether male or female, and perceive the strong smell of nicotine sprout through his pores, or see it in his stained nails or yellow teeth. It is extremely uncomfortable to have to share spaces with male and female smokers and become passive smokers. I don't think it's enough to have signs that say "smoking area or just for smokers" because they don't respect them and smoke where they want. 


If I were looking for a female companion, I have to say that as a non-smoker smoking would be an undesirable trait. It would matter the more the more serious the relationship. I don't like the taste or smell of cigarettes. Secondly, if I were to marry and have children with a smoking woman, I'd have to think about how the smoking affected our baby during pregnancy. So, smoking is definitely a strike against a woman in my books if I'm looking for a woman. Otherwise, I don't care. I don't hold it against anybody if they smoke. It's their own business.


Whether it is a male or a female, smoking is smoking. It doesn't choose any gender. Being a person who doesn't like smoking, I don't see it attractive whether it's a male or a female. It's just the society who sets boundaries which gender should do this or that, which includes smoking. Smoking is not good for your health whether you are a boy or a girl. It has the same effects on the body regardless of your gender.


 I feel that if some one so tens or they have some problem in their life   they take it for reduce their tension or pain.i know its not easy for some one some people take many others things also reduce their pain and some are take this for just enjoy or habit .Who are taking for reduce their pain or just for tension its not easy for them also  .Because we all know  smoke is not good for health.Its harmful.I will never say its good for our health ..But i will never say its also lady smoker all are bad .They can take it for just reduce their pain .But in many countries its not easy saying for women .Many people see as a bad habits about women smoking specially .Also in many countries we seen smoking they see as very bad .Some some countries have some  strict rules also.But as a women i will never say its right choice[smoke] for reduce pain .At the end we cant smoker women are bad .Its just bad habit nothing else.


I think it is gross. Well smoking in general is gross but in my opinion when I kiss  woman the last thing I want to taste is an ashtray. I supose if you are a smoker also then you may not mind or even notice it. 




though for real... every person has the right to choose how to experience their own body.

personaloy, I just don’t find it attractive as a reflection of dissonance between differing values regarding health and honouring one’s own body. But that doesn’t make my perspective any better than anyone who does smoke or finds smokers attractive.