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What you really don't like about men?

Your lack of delicacy! I believe that many men, with the tale of their manhood and machismo, are very rude not only in speaking, but also in dealing. In many occasions I have seen how there are men who are neglected in their relationships because they feel that they cannot afford to be delicate with other people; they feel that they must shout, that they cannot cry, that they cannot have a delicate gesture with others. This type of behavior does not only obey their hormones, but has to do with the environment, which prejudiced, says that a man should behave in this or that way; also to family education, which although it seems unusual, also reinforces macho and rude behavior within its members. 

A man loses absolutely nothing by being delicate and loving; on the contrary, he can gain a lot. It is well established how more can be achieved if we are cordial and considerate in our dealings. Men are also human beings who feel, suffer and need, it is not necessary that they have to cover themselves with a strong and hard material in order not to be damaged or to appear very strong. With that attitude can only get people to stay away and if they do, will be with fear or the same attitude despot. 



In men speaking the truth i really don’t like their thinking and this point of view that a woman is nothing without a man. I am not talking about all the men but about the mostly. Its a man’s world but it would be nothing without women. In early times it was a ridiculous phenomena woman can do nothing without a man or a woman must need a man to survive in this world. Now in present time this phenomena has become a hidden thinking view and self satisfaction for most men. There is a deep bacteria in the roots of our society that is mostly ruled by men.

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what i do not really like about some men is the habit of cheating on their partner without feeling remorseful,i intentionally used the word "some"because i am sure that not all men cheats,i do not also like the 

fact that some men are so aggressive towards the opposite sex because they see the opposite sex as being weaker and they believe they can do anything to any woman and get away with it...