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What makes you love your partner even more?

There are several reasons I love my partner (lover) and still maintain a sense of love for him who loves me, even though sometimes it looks painful to others.

1. There is no one who can give me the comfort that she gave me

For me, feeling comfortable is the beginning of happiness in a love relationship. Many people come and go to the heart. When feeling comfortable, love is gone and there is no special relationship. Maybe someone looks hurt by the problems in the relationship, but a more comfortable feeling will make someone stay in and easily overcome those problems.

2. The length of time together

Someone who feels comfortable with their partner makes it possible to establish a longer relationship. The length of time together makes someone understand how their partner, a lot of irritation, joy, sorrow, and problems that are felt together. Even though sometimes we are hurt by our partner's annoying nature, the longer we will understand and make someone keep the love for their partner. And that will make us love her more.

3. Because it is tied to a serious relationship or the existence of a baby

A person who has been married and blessed with a baby is the reason for maintaining the feeling of love to love your partner perfectly and maintain the relationship of his household and for the happiness of his baby This reasoning, which made me love my partner (wife) and was strengthened by the presence of a pair of babies who were breastfed and cared for by him so as to become my future heir.


Loyalty and respect

If I'm in a relationship and my partner is the loyal and ever faithful type then I will surely keep falling in love daily with him.

Another ingredient I'm looking for is respect. If he respects my person, tells me stuff before making a decision then my heart will certainly be his

I'm simply an addict to loyalty and respect


I adore his personality : funny, constantly inquisitive, he can discuss a variety of themes, so clever : he knows a great deal of things, I truly respect him ! He can be a genuine masculine man, yet in addition a major tyke.

He is constantly idealistic and brings positive vibes even in most noticeably awful circumstances.

He is a great man with great habits : affable, kind, enormous hearted, understanding. His folks ought to be glad for him.

He is straightforward ! He couldn't care less about being well known in school, he isn't egocentric ..

He generally attempt to do his best to call me or to content me even in a bustling day.

When we contend, he is continually saying that he is sad, endeavoring to do his best to improve things.

He encourages me. Continuously. Notwithstanding when I need to surrender.


Respect :

If she respect me, I will be proud of her and be willing to have a long term relationship with her cos we men love someone who respects us


She must always be ready to hear me out when I need her and also be around when I need her comfort

Be a good cook

The way to a man's heart is his stomach, prepare nice dish for him , he would worship you day long, I love food so definitely if my lover gives me that daily, I will love her more..