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What happens to abandoned cars in your country? What should happen with them?
In some countries you see abandoned cars everywhere for years just staying where those were left.

In my country abandoned cars can make a car cemetery. With the economic problem that we have in Venezuela, many are the damaged cars that will not be repaired because the repair is very expensive, so the owners believe better to leave them in front of their houses or parking lots, squares until you get the part or a buyer. 

It is not unusual to find old cars, parked, without rubbers, mounted on stones that serve as support, as burrows of animals and indigents who see in metal skeletons their dens. Unfortunately, the authorities do nothing to solve this problem, on the contrary, they can worsen it, as they may be accomplices to further loot the car. 

If you ever come to Venezuela, you will believe that you are in an apocalyptic scenario, of science fiction, where nothing advances. The cars stopped are a monument to the reality of the country, they are the perfect symbol of a country that has not only stopped and is broken down in the middle of the road, but the pieces that have been left good are taken away, little by little, leaving the country and the car without possibilities of repair.  It's sad, but it's reality!


We don't have that problem in Africa. If it isn't bolted down it will disappear. The locals will take it away and sell it to the scrapyard for cash.

We have had whole buildings disappear including an old power station. A motor car abandoned would maybe last one or two nights at most before it was taken. Someone would look at it as a gift from God.

I would prefer if things were left as there is no history left anywhere. It has all been pinched and sold off. Africa is a continent of opportunists and anything metal or has value just vanishes.


You will lose your car. Yes, that's what happens if you don't secure your car, even under certain conditions, a safe car will be lost (stolen).

From the testimony of the robbers said they were stealing because they did not have money to meet their needs. Simple, we are talking about welfare. When welfare is not evenly distributed, the crime rate will increase.

However, in some locations that have high levels of security (for example, large moles, airports, large mosques) vehicle security is guaranteed.

If your car is lost, then you need to report to the nearest police station and wait for confirmation from them.

So, a little description of conditions in my country (Indonesia)


Police automatically track them and seize them. Then they hold the vehicle for one years or so. In the meantime they communicate with the owner, if anyone claim them they give it back to them with proper procedures. 

But most of the time the accident victim vehicles and others abandoned cars are not claimed by any. In this cases police auctioned them if possible. But as accident vehicles need to keep for evidence purpose, so it can not be auctioned off. Police holds that for nearly 20 years and so if the case finished in that time they auctioned it then. 

 I have observed this process in my country so far.

Thanks you. 

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A good question

I am a Nigerian, and a very good citizen of Nigeria. Though many cases are heard from different European country that the used cars are been use later to make something benefiting. But i must say in my country Nigeria. Not that i am downgrading my country but most abandoned cars are been thrown into the bin after a very long period of stay on the roadside,  They are been use to cause dirt to the environment which is not suppose to be. 

So as for the question, the abandoned cars in my country are mostly abandoned forever until it got absolutely fully useless to the extent it cant be use anymore, at the end it end up as a dirt where people can later out of ignorance using it for all sort of irrelevant things like pouring dirt, smoking and many sort of illegal things.

Hope i answered you question.

thank you!!