Do you think public transportation can ever be free in your country?
Luxembourg made public transportation totally free for everyone to protect the environment and decrease traffic. Can you see this happen in your country?

I think that it will be hard to implement it in the Philippines. It will require a really huge budget or huge income loss for the government to make it happen.

In a country with huge number of commuters or population, it will not be easy. Also those who are involved in this transport business will less likely to be involved like the buses and jeepneys operators. They will not see much profit with just letting the government pay them if it will not be based on the amount that they will like.

There are already some days that the government here give free rides on trains like during independence day. Some cities here also offer free bus rides around their city or just in limited destinations.

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It depends in your definition of free. It could easily be set up by community planners to charge no fees directly to riders but there is always a cost for the vehicles, fuel, maintenance etc. Those costs must always be recovered through taxation or other fees in one form or another. Usually the people who use public transportation the least pay the most for it through these taxes and fees.


I personally can ride most Los Angeles transit buses for free through the accessla.org Free Fare program because I am legally blind. In the end though someone pays even though it is not me. I've also had some "free" college education paid for by taxpayers. Of course once I use the taxpayer funded education to get a job then I also become a taxpayer so it is something of an investment.

Public transportation is an expensive undertaking. Vehicles, tools, maintenance, fuel, insurance, ect. are all expenses that have to be met. The government puts up a tollbooth to help pay back what it costs to build a road but even after all the money is made back the tollbooth will still remain operating because it also costs money to maintain the roads.

I can accept the premise that at some point in the future public transportation will be virtually free based on the concept that it is possible we can become a post-scarcity society.


I can't see it happening here. 

First of all the public transport offered is very poor and getting to certain destinations would be impossible. I have never seen such a poor offering of what is available in Johannesburg and Durban. Cape Town is better as it at least has a train service going to the suburbs.

The taxi industry is like an organised crime business here. They are the main source of transport for everyone and would burn the buses and trains if that was ever introduced.

I like the idea of getting people into public transport and decreasing the traffic on the roads. A country needs a strong service before this could be feasible though. Unfortunately it isn't here and most likely not safe to use either. I have never used a train or bus in South Africa in the last 30 years. 


The Netherlands could easily afford to have taxpayers fund public transportation. But it would be a challenge to deal with the increased demand. Local and regional public transport is already subsidized by taxpayers for more than 60% of the budget. The national train lines, on the other hand, are profitable. NS pays the government for the use of the rail network. 

Inspired by popular schemes in Belgium, there have been a number of local experiments, giving a free bus pass to senior citizens or targeting commuters who would otherwise use a specific highway route. But the government prefers to invest in infrastructure, like bus lanes or tram lines. College students used to travel across the country for free, but this perk has been limited to either weekdays or weekends.

Public transport is already relatively cheap compared to driving, because the Netherlands has the highest taxes on fuel and buying new cars in the world.



Though I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting....


No. I don't think so.


Oh my, wow is this for real? I would love to see that happen in the Philippines. Why not make traveling free all over the world? Lol. However the problem would be where to get funds for the expenses of free traveling. 

I'm sure this is not possible in the Philippines yet. Being a developing country, we need to focus more on other issues than providing free transportation. Providing free education is actually a problem of the government now since they implemented it. Maybe in the far future it can happen but for now, free public transportation is not feasible. :)