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How many accounts are you upvoting in one week?

A lot! 

154 different accounts to be exact. 

Source: http://www.steemreports.com/account-votes/

 I try to keep it low on self-voting as much as possible, so I end up upvoting a lot of different users. I'm in a curation trail that upvotes at least 50 people, and the rest of the 100 accounts I upvote manually on Dtube, Musing, Steepshot, SteemHunt, and Steemit. 

I love curating! Especially now when I have more than 10k SP to play around with. It's such a reward feeling to give. Even more so when those who I upvote are new, or have very little to no SP in their accounts. That's when I feel even better about it. 

There is just something in giving  that is so fulfilling that I just can't stop so, I often end up with my Voting Power burned out and have to recharge for a day or two.

I try to spread out my votes across the board to reward as many users as my Voting Power allows to. 


I would also like to share here this amazing tool that lets you know how much "unique" accounts you voted for, the total value of your upvotes and how diverse are you in upvoting users based on their reputations.

As seen below,  from Dec 03 - Dec 08 (the previous week in which posts has already been paid out), I have voted 94 unique accounts and have made 279 upvotes in total. If we add up all my upvotes for that week it would sum up to only $1.754.

If you also look at the data below,I do not do any self-voting. I am however inclined to upvote accounts with reputation of 50-75.

Source: https://steemocean.com/voter/jlordc

So yeah, to answer your question around 100 unique accounts per week! XD


I average about 60 to 65 a week. I am aware of these numbers and would like to break 100 as I grow in vote value. I am doing this on purpose as I don't believe my vote value can support more accounts properly at the moment.

Most of my votes are averaging at 2.5 c each and some slightly more. I want to make a difference to everyone I follow and feel that 1 c votes are not good enough. I would rather support less and give more than support more than give less.

Over the coming months I plan to get to 100 minimum accounts per week that I am supporting, but they will all have 3 c or more from my votes. It hasn't helped with Steem dropping in value but at least I am way above the dust vote threshold.

I am not like some accounts who have less SP than me and do 400 votes  a week to different accounts. I don't see the point in this and wont go that route.


I honestly have no idea. But it would be quite a few.

Once upon a time I would make a point of upvoting a few new accounts every day as a way to encourage new people and share the love.

These days I just upvote the stuff that I enjoy and want to see more of.

One thing that I will never do is set my account up to auto vote. I want to make sure that my votes land on content that I like rather than auto voting anything produced by a select group of accounts.

I think that’s the most important aspect of voting on Steemit. We should only upvote content that is worth our time. If you don’t enjoy the content, then don’t feel obliged to give it a vote.

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Speaking upvote on post users is loaded with the power and RCs that we have. So because it is uncertain how many accounts (in this case other user content). I always adjust to my voting power.

Because I realize my SP is very low (little), I always give upvote with a weight of 100% so I don't upvote too much content from other users.

At the very least, I can only support 10-15 per day. But sometimes more than that. If I upvote 10 on an average of 1 day, then in 1 week I upgrade 70 accounts.

Ideally, with a 100% voting weight I can only support 10 accounts. If I set 25% of the voting weight, then I can upvote 40 accounts in 1 day.

That's all. Thanks



Well, I am an influencer on steemhunt and as an Influencer and a steemit blogger I upvote around 15 upvotes in a day. Let's do some math 1 day = 15 upvotes So, 7 days= 15*7= ~105 accounts.

In some cases same account can be repeated. 

Thank you & Have a Good Day/Night!


Nah, let me check it on https://steemyy.com/outgoing/

I gave my upvotes to 112 Authors in this week.

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This question made me check on my stats :)

In the past week, I have made about 1570 upvotes to around 600++ accounts.

So, in average I maybe doing around 220 votes each day. This was made possible through the curation trails that I follow and also my manual curation across my feed.

I guess, my curation work here in musing.io also added more to the upvotes that I did. Hopefully I can find time to do more of the manual curation on the next days to come.


Image source: Pixabay.com


That depends how many I consider worth my upvote. Some days these are less and on some days there are more. There is no rule of thumb here.


I don't have a personal network or friends from my everyday life, so I'm not giving my votes according to the author, but according to the articles. I would like to explore more writers if I can give more time to Steemit, but for now, my voting statistics are:

0.00% self, 68 upvotes, 51 accounts, last 7d

Not bad, I guess. 


quite simple. i logon to steemworld and i can see that i have done 147 upvotes to 86 accounts and 0% self. in fact i can do it for anyone. https://steemworld.org/@<steemit username>


I have upvoted 148 different accounts so far in the last seven days (one week) as you can see below;


Source: https://steemworld.org/@akomoajong

steemworld.org is one of the best tools to keep track of Information and Statistics of every user of the Steem blockchain.

steemworld.org provides many other information, some of which you can see in the screenshot below;


**See your information and Statistics**

Simply replace my username to yours in the link above. This gives;


Click on the above link to see your information and statistics.

PS: I wrote this comment on my mobile phone and that is why I could not simply upload my screenshots. I had to host them online and provide the links.

Sorry, for any inconveniences.

Thank you!