Are you a daydreamer? How does that help you?

Yes. I do like to disappear into another world as it relaxes me. If I am bored I will switch off and think of other things that I could be doing.

i don't do it often ,but normally when my brain is tired and I have had enough. Taking time out to relax and vanish into something else I think is important for everyone. I obviously don't believe what I am thinking normally but I do enjoy them.

I do a lot of thinking whilst day dreaming and jump around to different scenarios. One never knows that you could stumble on to a solution to a problem you are experiencing. Those are positive day dreams and a re not  a waste of time. Going into subconscious thoughts and sifting through is fun.


Yeah i am a daydreamer and it really helps me in remaining hopeful and confident that even though i might not be where i am right now, tomorrow is still there and i can still be whatever i want to be. You see, there are a lot of people out there who have remained at the level they are because they lacked what i call the ability to dream. They failed to dream big and thus remained at thesame level. This is because they claim that daydreaming about what you can become and the things you want to achieve os not realistic because they think that the things people daydream about are not feasible.

That's where they get it all wrong. So many people who dared to dream were motivated by their dreams and big aspirations to work very hard to realize them and most of them did. So, i am following this example to be a daydreamer and with that, i am working so hard with great aspirations giving me that push that i need to keep on working hard to realize my dreams.

Daydreaming has given me a real pirpose for all my hardwork because now i do everything with a bi picture in mind of what i am looking forth to.

So i will say daydreaming is a cool thing for me and one day, i am certain that i will get there..


Daydreaming helps me to relax, to come up with new ideas and projects, to tap my creativity and to explore my thoughts and feelings. Daydreaming grants you access to your inner universe. It is one of the most useful human skills in my opinion.


Daydreaming is something really useful for me. Well, being a daydreamer has its benefits. The first thing about day dreamers is that we hope and imagine of the world which is the future or it can suddenly bring us to this different world which is different from our current real world.

I guess daydreamers are those who are capable of drawing good comic book scripts, make good movies and even write interesting books. A day dreamer always have something in the mind. Even sitting at a bench, my mind sometimes drift away into this other world imagining.

At night before I sleep, I will imagine lots of fantasies. Thinking of a utopia and many more.