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Which is the most polluted country on Earth?
Why and what can be done?

I think there are some countries which are extremely polluted and one of them is China and another is India. These two countries have huge population and huge demands on land, food, water and many more. 

In China, for example, I don't think it is easy to even see any clear blue skies and most of the time, it would be brown and I don't think there is much outdoor sports that are done in China due to the air quality. There was this artist who did an experiment to test out the air quality in China and he used a vacuum and sucked in the air for a month and made a brick out of it. 

Imagine having that amount of dust in our system after a month of breathing the air into our body. What happens to our body in the long term. There is also a huge increase in online order for food and it increases the plastic demand as every take away requires lots of packaging which is used only once. Then there is a huge demand for energy. Imagine the population of 1 billion. Just one person having one handphone and charging his/her phone would use so much electricity that it can can cause a mountain to collapse. ahahahha. 

Then there is India, I have seen in many statistics that a big part of India still doesn't have proper sanitation. A lot of the resident still just do their business outdoors and this breeds a lot of diseases. Then the population is as huge as China. 

Well, there are lots more to discuss but these are some of it. The rivers, forest and many more are getting destroyed. I think these countries need to look forward to their future and other countries which are high in pollution. 


I would sat China and India. If we look at the air pollution created by their growing industry then it is something they need to look at.

China has constant smog and it gets so bad it blocks the sun. I have been there a few times and yet to see a bird flying around. 

India I think could be the filthiest country in the world.. They have serious smog issues creating poor air quality. What makes them worse is the rubbish pollution by the people. When you see the roads and beaches filled with litter you question the people for allowing others to do it.

This shows a lack of education and pride in their surroundings. This needs to change in the future with better recycling and fining the abusers. It is very off putting and have no intentions of visiting India ever.


India. Why? Because of people. They themselves clutter the surroundings then blame government for not cleaning it.

What's solution? Awareness.

Here are some pics, be the judge: 

India need to educate their people.