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What do you think about electronic voting (e-voting)?
Do you have electronic voting in your country?

E- voting is any voting system which employs electronic device in enabling a choice indication and transmitting for collation to identify a choice of the majority in an issue. It contrast mannual voting as the former is manually data is manually obtained and transferred.!

While e- voting is employed in diverse subsectors, it has become the best and most used in political elections , especially in developed Climes.

In Nigeria, this method of voting has generated a political furore because of the Subsisting Presidents refusal to assent to its use as Demanded by the nation's Legislature, to agst and displeasure of sections of the Citizenry who accused the Federal Government of Plotting to gain undue advantage in the forthcoming elections through rigging.

Electronic voting, if implemented Consciously, is no doubt the best method of selecting choices! It is fast , cheap and reliable as compared to manual which is prone to Subjective manipulation hallmarked in ballot box snatching ad other electoral offences. As good as electronic voting , its infallibility is in doubt it's use in the immediate past United States Election has generated cacophony yet undoused till date!! That nothwithstanding I, electronic voting is still the best among other voting methods.


I think e-voting is becoming a great and reliable tool in carrying out elections.

In Cameroon, i don't think e-voting is utilized but i will love to see it implemented. I stongly believe that with e-voting, bias in elactions are reduced and efficiency of the entire electoral procedure is increased and less time consuming.

Confidentiality of candidate choice is also

maintained in e-voting. I think if we had e-voting implemented in our elections, instead of waiting for 2weeks to get the election results, we could be thinking of a day or two. It was really disappointing to have to wait for 2weeks to get the election results when other countries had their results released thesame day the elections were carried out.

Plus, it is so funny to see in this modern times of improved technology to see people still carrying ballot papers and boxes around during elections. It just makes the whole thing too open and a unorganized with scattered ballot papers on the tables. I think e-voting is quite very useful again in ensuring closure and an organized way of carrying out the electtions.


I think it might be prone to manipulations. I am not aware of e-voting in my country so far.

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