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Have you ever been convinced to power down and leave Steemit? Or have you ever convinced someone to leave Steemit?

Very nice question. 

Well from my point of view I have never done that (powerdown) nor did I ever convinced someone to leave Steemit.

Well there are few things for the reason that I did not powered down as because I have been on this platform for quite some time and I have seen many ups and down and have seen Steem even going to all time high (every user did like it very much by the way) and the infrastructure that Steem Blockchain has it sure will be something much more valuable in the coming days as we speak.

It has been operating for over 2 two years and we have been seeing some significant amount of changes on the platforms and in the coming days of 2019 Steem Blockchian will take a further step with SMT's which is probably going to be one of the biggest step till now. But as of now time is really going bad for us all and it is because of the whole crypto market crash not only Steem. So sticking together and taking this opportunity to buy more steem could be right choice for now.

Coming to the last question 

I never really have convinced or discouraged someone to leave Steemit. One of the most prime reason that users tend to leave Steem Blockchain is they think of it as short term and by doing so they just want to get some quick money out from here and by doing so they do not get the support or they do not get to know what to do or how to to do the things that they were supposed to do in here resulting them to set back from Steemit aka Steem Blockchain. 

While with all the possibilities that Steem Blockchain holds and all the possibilities that it is giving us only the selected few are seeing what it holds and those are going to stick together they shall rise once again in the coming days,

Lets just hope for the best.


@Erikah, Never and in my opinion people who feel the Demotivation when they don't get much exposure and much support towards their work it's really important to change the mindset. Most of the people demotivate themselves because they hold the Expectation of rewards and when their expectations fail then it will going to demotivate them. So, in my opinion, we have to continue our work as usual and have to exclude the rewards aspect because when we can put our efforts upon effective engagement and expanding our work then i think that rewards will follow.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Why would I ever consider leaving a platform that has a very bright future? Yes, crypto price may be falling and most people may be seeing the end for steemit but I don't see that. Steemit is very unique and has a bright future. If it can go through this period of low steem price and come out alive, nothing will be able to stop it after now.

I've never considered powering down or giving up on steemit, in fact, I've been trying to get more steem so that I can have some little influence when steem eventually made it.


I'm still young on steemit and don't have much SP but I don't think I've ever been discouraged and felt like powering down the little steem I have. The only time I had a little fear about steemit was during HF20 launch but everything has been ok since after that challenge and I'm hoping that steemit survive the price fall in the crypto market.

I see a future in steemit and I hope that it succeeds. For as long as steemit is operational, I ain't going anywhere


The answer is no to both your questions.

No one could convince me to power down and leave Steemit. I see this as hard work and what I have accomplished is a minor miracle. This is so far out of my comfort zone that this is not about the rewards anymore. Of course they mean something but I wouldn't leave but I would reconsider how I operate when Steem is worth a small fortune.

Everyone must make up their own mind about leaving. It is not for me to say as that would be hypocritical of me. Please leave but I am staying because I believe in it would just sound weird and not right.If people want to leave then they must go on their own free will. I won't talk them out of it either as this place will boom one of these days and they will be back.


Nobody could persuade me to shut down and leave Steemit. I consider this to be diligent work and what I have achieved is a minor supernatural occurrence. This is so far out of my usual range of familiarity this isn't about the prizes any longer. Obviously they mean something yet I wouldn't leave however I would reevaluate how I work when Steem merits a little fortune. Everybody must make up their very own psyche about leaving. It isn't for me to state as that would be fraudulent of me. If it's not too much trouble leave yet I am staying on the grounds that I have faith in it would simply stable irregular and not right.