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Why is it possible in some countries to jail people just because they dared to criticize the government?
Shouldn't each citizen have the right to express his/her opinion?

I am from a country where you can get jail if you post something offensive or funny against the government and it's leader.  Can you imagine how horrible it is?

We have different issues.

1. Dictator type of leadership: Though the governmental system is democratic by name but it follows dictatorship. When a party came in power they try to abolish the opposition party by all means and try to hamper the basic human rights of the citizens. 

2. Lack of people's interest: The dirty politics lets the major portion of population get out from active politics. They are not interested any more what is happening o the government as long as they are not getting hurt individual level.

3. People become fade up with the system: It's like there is no way out. The current government is in power for 15 years. And abolish other parties. So in long run no other party will come and listen to us. We have to rule under this party. There is no other options. 

4. Lack of activation of the powerful citizens: All the powerful men out there are trying to grab wealth for the government. They do not raise any voice against the government and the system. So this is happening. 

5. People's ignorance: People no longer give a damn about who are on the power and who are doing wrong to others. They are like selfish one, who does not care much as long as they are not offended individually. 

I think these are the main reasons by my observation. The government take all the rights of media to say anything against them. They jail general people as well as ban the media/ newspaper who say a word against them . But I think this will not go for long. People will raise their voice in near future for their right. 


The first reason is because of lack of education and ignorance. It is actually very wrong to unlawfully jail people for constructive criticism of the government they actually put in place, but in a nation where education is hardly existence it will even be difficult for the people to find out what they are human rights are as a result of this the rollers will find it very easy to arrest and jail such people when they try to question their method of ruling.

However if citizens of a nation educated it will be difficult for a country to actually gain their citizens when they criticize them because this citizens know that they can actually seek support from abroad so that people from abroad can help to put an end to the kind of autocratic government they have however in a situation where people are not educated it will be much more easier to put them in prisons for actually expressing concerns on how they are being ruled.

Because of system of government; another reason can also be as a result of the system of government being practiced these days people now practice modern democracy which gives citizens the right to criticise their government and also to exercise their human rights however if you look at auto crash and authoritarian in those days that actually jail people for criticizing them the systems of government were either communism, totalitarianism or even military government however if it is in a democratic system it will hardly be possible because peoples rights are being respected so much so it also depends on the system of government as for democracy it is virtually impossible

Another reason why it is possible to jail people who criticize their government in some countries is because the constitutional fundamental human rights that actually support the freedom of speech is nonexistent, because according to the constitution people are freely allowed to criticise their government constructively but in countries where people are always intimidated and jailed because they criticize their country and speak the truth about their leaders are countries where the citizens are always living in fear, countries that their rulers are autocrats and authoritarian and in any situation to try to oppose their system of rule would have people jailed or killed because in such a country the constitution and the rule of law no longer exists


Such government that does such is not practicintg true democracy and that is a sad development...

people should have a say in governance and they should have the right to criticize the government if they feel the government is not doing enough in terms of good governance and meeting up to the expectations of its citizens...that is the power of democracy and that makes democracy interesting..

Some governments of some countries that arrest citizens that criticise them should not be even called government,such governments should just simply be called "dictatorship" because they do not practice democracy and even deny its citizens the right to freedom of speech....