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A certain amount of the payout is burned every day on Steemit! Any advice how to avoid this?
What's your opinion and strategy to avoid payout being burned?

The term burned does not mean they really vanished. The supposed payout which came from vesting are being returned to the reward pool. This happened after hard fork 20. In order to take back all your curation reward, all you gotta do is make sure you upvote content that is more then 15 minutes old.

However, you can't stop people from sending their upvote to you within 15 minutes. Hence, they will still go back to the reward pool instead of author. Now, why would they do so? That is because early birds will get extra curation reward by earning those who upvote later. There is some write up regarding how to earn this, this one for example.


Hence, there is no way you can stop somebody to burn partial of the curation in order to earn a bigger reward. Assuming you know burn is different than beneficiary cut. That is an entirely different topic.


First things first: The only way to "burn" or completely destroy liquid Steem is to send it to the @null account. Every liquid SBD/Steem sent to this account is immediately destroyed.

As far as I know, that is the only way to burn/destroy Steem.

So I think you are trying to refer here to the dust payout treshold of $0.02. In which all potential payouts less than $0.02 becomes $0.00 on payout. Nothing is burned here.

What you can do is to subscribe for dust upvote services like DustSweeper and DustBunny.

DustSweeper is a upvote subscription service while DustBunny at the moment is open only to a limited accounts. Well what this accounts simply do is get all your dust(less than $0.02) posts/comments to go above $0.025 to avoid being wasted.


You mean payouts below $0.02 threshold?

You could use services such as dustsweeper or dustbunny.

They will recover your dust and no payout is burnt.