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What is your advice to newly registered steemians?

Steemit is a big platform and blockchain is decentralized. 

All new steemians must know that and should do some study on it first. As it is not like other popular centralized social media and there are many dapps linked with it, so you can do better in this platform but you have to learn.

> Before starting to post anything, learn for a few days and try to understand the community behaviour.

> Try to follow other's work and way of doing things. It will help you to learn more.

> Fix your target-what you want from steemit, which interests you most. don't go here and there and get frustrated. Rather work on some specific thing like on good content or on dtube etc and try to give time on that particular things.

> Try to connect with the community and build up relation with others as well as with your native community.

> Do not spam for a quick success. It will hamper your reputation. And will give you a loss nothing else.

> Be patient. You will see the rewards in few day or more. It is not like that you invest this amount and get that amount over night. You have to be consistent and have to give time.

>  Try to involve on different contest. You will get noticed quickly.

> Ask question or anything if you face any problem on the discord or on this platform. It will be very helpful one.

All I can say is, you have to learn and give time to steemit. Otherwise there is no way one can come over here and get quick success. As it is a very decentralized in nature so it takes time to understand the network. But giving time to it can give you success in this platform. 

  1. Not to be in a hurry. When ever a new user joins steemit, then suddenly he look out for ways to earn some quick bucks. I just want to tell people not to be in a hurry and steemit is not a kind of get rich quick kind of thing. It is basically a social media blockchain based website with so many dApps around its ecosystem.
  2. New steemian often skip the steemit FAQ, which I believe that everyone should read at lease once twice or thrice. If one does go through the details of steemit FAQ, then almost 70 to 80% of the concept will be understood. So read that before getting started.
  3. Make a introduce yourself post, so that the the people will get to know about you and it will also give an impression about the fact that a true human having interest in social media has registered.
  4. First start engaging with others blog. A new user should very often visit the trending page, the created page and should get to know and understand how the things are happening in steemit. Try to read some high ranking post to get a rough idea about the presentation in the article. Also try to engage with good quality post. That will be the first step to develop a relation in the social circle of steem community.
  5. Try also knowing about various dApps which are available now on the top of steem blockchain. And try to figure out what is the level of interest you have and how can you find it suitable for you with a particular dApp.
  6. Try to post and engage on a regular basis. A new user can choose any of the dApp available to make it interesting for his social journey on steem blockchain.
  7. Do not ask or beg for an upvote to any body including in discord or steem chat. That is one of the worst gesture in steem community.
  8. Do not spam, or plagiarize. The decorum of this community must be maintained and any kind of abuse is generally responded by steemcleaners. So do not do anything which is against the guidelines of the community.
  9. Try to slowly develop and increase your activity. Over a period of time your reputation and SP will also be increasing.
  10. Try to know the basics of markdown styling, that will help you to present your post in a professional way and it will look better and the curator will also appreciate.
  11. Do not try something by keeping a mind-set to earn quick money. keep money as secondary and focus on social blogging skill, you can develop much more over a period of time. Everything takes time and getting success in steemit also takes time.

This is only advice that can be accepted or rejected. Lol

Okay! for all newly registered steers (beginners). There are several things that need to be understood after deciding to dock in this blockhan-based steem world.

First, read the Steem Rules (https://steem.com/)

  • Steem White Paper: https://steem.com/SteemWhitePaper.pdf
  • Steem Blue Paper,  https://steem.com/steem-bluepaper.pdf and
  • Smart Media Token (SMT): https://smt.steem.com/

Second, identify yourself. That is, recognize the competency specifications that you have. The specialist will be very useful in using a #hastag.

Third, need to focus. You have to assume that steemit is work and that there is a need for professionals, discipline, integrity, responsibility, and so on. So, I strongly recommend that you (beginners) spend 2 - 3 hours or even more in one day for steem.

And then, the time will answer. Of course day by day in the world of Steem will give you lots of lessons there.


My first suggestion for Steemians who are just using Steemit is not to come here for money, although Steemhain gives rewards in the form of crypto currency, but the initial intention to join Steemit is not about money and rewards.

What you have to plant in your mind when joining here is about how a blockchain technology and community can do anything and release us from a centralized system.

Fix your intentions, and always remember that success was not built in one night. Rome was not built in one night. You have to work hard and still make interesting and good content.

The rest is a bonus.


I would take a week just reading and learning about Steem. Look for certain users who reply to comments and upvote. I would then follow those users and start of slowly by replying to their posts. Do not make a post yet as you are not ready and you will be wasting your time. Look for new apps like steemonboarding as they will help show you the ropes. It would be a lot easier for you to find some sort of mentor who can help you through the first few months.

I would look for Dapps similar to musing who upvote their users. Steemhunt is also a good starting point. You need to increase your SP in order to grow your Resource Credits. Slowly build up so that you can do between 15 and 20 comments per day.

This process will take you a good 6 -8 weeks. Once you have built up your followers by engaging through commenting you re now ready to do a post. You don't have to do an introduce post', but that could be an easy option as your first post.

I would ignore the trending page as they are not a true reflection of Steem. Those are all promoted using bid bots and are normally not worth what the value says. 


Every new Steemians should take note of these Necessary Advises that would expedite their growth in the Steemiville.

1) Strive to produce quality posts and be Consistent.

2) Endeavour to interact as much as possible by commenting on posts and comments.

3 These comments should connect to the subject Matter of the post, not "cool, dope, hi, yah" etc common in other social media.

4) Note that Steemit is not a " get rich fast fast " scheme as of defunct MMM. Steemit rewards Values, not efforts consistently.

5)Dedicate your activities to a particular niche or few niches ; you will be better noticed and rewarded there.

6)Engage in worthwhile Dapps in the Steemit Blockchain

7)Invest , if possible Heavily in Steem Power SP of at least 5000. It will place you on a solid start. Otherwise tune your psyche to eche up slowly, but Consistently!!


Greetings @Erikah, thanks for asking that question, the answers of all the participants have thrown a lot of light on me. regards.

 @ mariita52

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